Wednesday, January 7, 2015

Ethne's Birthday and Baptism

Ethne's birthday was a long time ago on November 1st, but she waited for a long time for Brett to come from Switzerland so he could baptize her, so she only got baptized on December 27, so since I'm so far behind, we can do both in one post!
I am not sure why we don't have a cake picture at all, since I'm sure we made her one, although I can't remember right now what it was like.  Anyway... she did get presents.

She got a little pink squishy thing (that got punctured within the hour), scriptures, dolphin stickers, and a little loom thingee to weave little potholders.  And something else too I think, but I can't remember what.   Basically I can't remember anything if there isn't photographic evidence of it.

And her baptism!  We were in Vernal with Brett's family.  It was freezing cold but beautifully sunny.   And Orrin is in the picture below, but you have to have a good eye to find him.  :)

Awww, so cute!

This lovely dress was made by my staggeringly talented sister, Kami, for her daughter Elena.  But then I somehow lost the dress I had bought for Ethne (not a white one, a cream and blue one in these pictures- (I realllllly hope it turns up somewhere!) and so I had Kami speedy-ship her gorgeous dress to us to borrow.  Look at pictures of Elena in it here: because they show it off much much better.)

I hate that these pictures turned out fuzzy.  I thought there was enough light in the room, but evidently not.  Grrr.  Oh well, you can still see how handsome my men are and beautiful my daughters are.

Hurray for Ethne!  (Yes, I am already planning to take a picture just like this at Ethne's wedding.)

Getting ready.

Brett's mom and dad gave the talks, Jethro and Hazel sang a song, and all of the grandkids/cousins sang the Rainbow song.  It was all so nice.

Wyatt wanted to be in the picture.  :)

Paisley, Hazel, Ethne, Challis, and Riata


Kami said...

Cute. Cute. And that bodice does go a lot longer on her than Elena. I think Elena is long torsoed like me. I added extra length to the bodice part--Ethne obviously didn't need it. But she's still so cute! Love ya!

emily ballard said...

I had to speedread, but I am all caught up. Of all my friends, you are the most dedicated blogger. So glad to hear you had a fun day at the Spiral Jetty (thanks for the email) and congratulations on all of the recent happenings . . . especially finding a house!

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