Tuesday, January 13, 2015

Christmas Festivities

We had a family Christmas party before Christmas and it was great.  First we met up and tied some blanket ends.

And Mom sewed some receiving blankets.

And then we took them all to the hospital and donated them.  (It was the hospital where Jethro was born!!)

Then we sang and played piano songs at a nursing home.

Then we ate dinner at the church.  We had all kinds of different soups - Cheddar Ham, Tuscan, White Chili, Vegetable, maybe one more? Anyway, I just ate Tuscan.  Lots and lots and lots of Tuscan Soup.

We all had turns holding Clover, Andrea's new week-old baby girl, UNTIL Wyatt had his turn, and then he didn't want anyone else to get a turn because this was HIS baby.  :)  Soooo cute!!

Then on Christmas Eve we all got together again at Mom's house.  It was the best day ever!!  So sooo much fun.  

Kourtney telling something exciting to Lindsay.

We had hoagies for dinner and grape juice mixed with ginger ale and I swear it is THE BEST MEAL of the year.  Love.  So much love for Christmas Eve dinner.

Myles is weird, but Danica loves him anyway.

After dinner we opened our pajamas.  The excitement level was extremely high.

Everyone very happy with their adorable pajamas, except Orrin who was opposed to standing for a picture.  :)

There, with his bestest buds he's much happier.  :)

Then we did The Nativity.  It was a bit tumultuous.  :)

Then Mom brought out all her chocolates, fudge, caramels, nanimo bars, almonds joys, peanut clusters, english toffe and so on, and we all pigged out.  Wouldn't you?

And right before everyone went home I made the adults pose for a picture.  :)

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