Thursday, January 15, 2015

Random stuff

So, other random catch-up stuff.

 Grandpa and Hazel.

Wolfie and an orange.

This was a picture my niece Olivia snapped of Orrin sleeping under the church pew.  He fell asleep like that and so when sacrament meeting was over my dad just stayed there with him, and after some time he woke up from peeing all over.  My Dad took him home, gave him a bath and some marshmallows and brought him back.  Orrin said, "Wyatt must have peed on me, cause I didn't pee."

That reminds me that when Orrin says fruit snacks it sounds like 'poot nacks' which I love.

This picture is from when we went to the Davis' house in SLC and met up with a bunch of other people that we know from the Bern ward.  Alyna and Lara are spending the summer in Utah with their aunt and uncle, the Scotts were home for a Christmas visit, and the Davis', the Bradys and we have moved to Utah.  We all said "Half the Bern ward is here in Utah!"  We stayed overnight at the Scott's house, and the next morning we briefly saw Drew and Jessica and the house they bought and are remodeling.  It was intense.

This is a picture from way back at Thanksgiving, but I forgot to post it, so I'll post it now.  It's my suburban after my brother Wyatt pie-d it.  :)  Good times.

Other stories from Facebook-

When we had our Thanksgiving get-together the kids filled out a little Family History Booklet that the church makes and glued in pictures of their grandparents and wrote in dates and all that.  I was helping Talmage with his book and he sweetly and sincerely said to me, "This makes me want to work on the priesthood."  It was so sweet!
Tonight Hazel was about to say something to me and I said, "Stop! Say it in German and see how much I can understand." But then she didn't because she was too upset when she couldn't remember the word for Spelling (although she did remember it before I could look it up on the computer). As her punishment, we had to watch several movie trailers on youtube auf Deutsch.

Hazel's list of New Year's Resolutions:
1. See my new house in person.
2. Get good grades.
3. Illustrate my grandpa's new book.
4. Read my scriptures every day.
5. Get a horse.
6. Make it to eleven years.
7. Have a tidy and wonderful room.
8. Tour Pennsylvania.
9. Read WWII books.
Things not to do in 2015: Eat a tomato

Tonight I read a story from the book of Grimm's fairytales that Talmage got for Christmas to Talmage and Orrin before bed. It was about an evil wizard who killed people and cut them up. Two sisters were killed and cut up and then the third sister was a bit more clever and when she saw the parts of her sisters mixed up in the big cauldron, she first screamed and then wept, and then collected herself and pulled out all of their parts and laid them out in order and they magically become whole and alive again. In the end, they burned the evil magician down in his house. When I finished, Talmage said, "That was a GOOD story."

As Brett was walking out the door- Did you get me a present for Christmas?
Me- No.
Brett- Oh good. Then I don't have to get you one.
True love.

Today my mom dipped her chocolate centers in chocolate, and then I rolled them in coconut and walnuts (because we were doing the coconut and maple flavored ones), and they were sitting on the table for a few minutes until they set up enough to put into containers. We went into the laundry room to fold some clothes and when I came out, Wyatt was sitting on the table, both hands full of chocolates and both cheeks puffed out like a chipmunk's. He was not sorry either--we said, "WYATT! Did you eat the chocolates?!" and he opened his mouth and pointed at it and nodded. Haha.

My Dad and I were out in the garage waiting for my mom to come, so we put our faces centimeters from the door and then yelled really loud at her when she opened it. She nearly fell down the stairs. It was hilarious.

Tonight I played pickleball with my awesome sister-in-law Lindsay Ann. I haven't played pickleball since high school at Minot High School. It was just as awesome tonight as it was in 1999.

Talmage: I hate this kindergarten!! You almost NEVER get recess and now I have to get more shots--I want to move back to Switzerland!!!!

Me: Do you have gym in Kindergarten here?
Talmage: No--we have nothing fun! The teacher says word families are fun but they're NOT!!

Ethne's first spelling test-- 4/18. It would appear that learning to spell phonetically in German inexplicably failed to prepare her for the spastic spelling of English words.

Ar Stori is Gan a beabaut a Mama Poler Bear. --Ethne
Translation: Our story is gonna be about a mama polar bear.

When I was in second or third grade we had a writing assignment to tell what kind of animal we would choose to be and I wrote a cow because they stand around in a field all day eating grass. Then I went to turn it in and saw that someone else had written a bird and I thought- of course I'd want to fly, that's way awesome! so I hurried and erased what I had written and put a bird instead but I think the fact that I wrote a cow first reveals a lot about me.

Talmage's summary of Christmas:

(His baby is Wyatt of course.  He sure loves him!!)

I love the suitcases in the back of the suburban.

An RC off-roader.  Complete with the little trigger-controller.

My favorite page.

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