Thursday, January 15, 2015

Vernal fun

On Christmas day we drove to Vernal and got to party there.  I didn't pull out the camera too much, but I already posted the pictures from Ethne's baptism, and here are a few more from that day.

Jethro and Hazel looking cute.

Why does she look so grown up?!

This is Talmage with Brett's cousin, Heath's son Caleb.  So that makes them first cousins once removed, right?  I don't know, but anyway, everyone was like 'They look like brothers!'  Which they kind of do.  And they got along splendidly and had a great time together.

Jethro and Conner.

Paislee and Hazel.

Ethne and Riata.

Brett pulling kids on sleds.


This is Conner and Talmage.

I'm pretty positive this is Kylee (also Heath and Megan's) and Hazel.

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kami said...

Second cousins. I love the pictures on the sleds. Beautiful photography.

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