Wednesday, January 21, 2015

More Randomness

Pictures of my adorable children after church.  Wolfie got a crown and balloon in nursery.

Wolfie smiling, but Talmage... being freaky.

Little Misses

I realized one evening that I hadn't seen Orrin for a while.  Then I found him:

My Uncle Larry and Aunt LaVerle visited from Canada which was a lot of fun.  So the girls got booted out of their bed, and then Ethan asked me if just for that night I wouldn't put my boys to bed in the theater room (which is where they always sleep), so that night they slept in little closets.  :)  Here's Talmage in his closet:

And Orrin in his--under the stairs between sleeping bags, suitcases, extra high chairs and tables, and Ethan's clothes. 

One day Orrin had me tie a little truck onto his RC truck and had a whole lot of fun pulling it around.

One night Uncle Wyatt and Aunt Lindsay stayed over with their kids, and the girls chose to sleep in the hallway rather than a nice big carpeted room.

Kiersten, Hazel, and Hailey.

I had to take these pictures!!!

This was a mural on the wall of a restaurant called Angie's.

Uncle Ethan playing with Hazel and Ethne.

Oh, and I never mentioned, but the reason Jethro and Orrin had buzzed heads was that we got lice.  Ethne had it the most--she came to me and said her head itched and I saw a bug crawling in her hair.  Then we checked the other kids and mom saw one in Jethro's and Orrin's hair.  We trimmed Ethne's hair and buzzed Jethro and Orrin and shampooed everyone with the lice stuff.  And mom washed EVERYTHING in her house.  Good times.

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Anonymous said...

coconut oil for lice! Put it on their heads at night before bed time. Put a shower cap on and wash it out the next night. comb thru it section by section. It is so worth it in the long run!

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