Monday, January 12, 2015

Horses and Stuff

So, still trying to catch up a bit.  Way back when, when Dad was in the hospital getting an operation on his plumbing, somehow a cow got into our field so the horses were going crazy.  Ethan went out there and brought the horses into the nearer field, and then helped get the cow out and fixed the two places in the fence that had been broken by the cow.  There was a lot of excitement and much anger involved, but I have a hard time getting myself worked up about it now to describe it all, because it was a long time ago.  But I did take a lot of pictures of the horses when they were running around like madmen.

In the picture below, you can see Ethan working on the fence.  I just now called him over to look at this picture and he said, "Working on that bloody fence!!  LITERALLY bloody, that cow kamikaze charged into the fence.  Worst day of my life!"

These pictures are to show how much Wyatt loves babies.  Awwww.

This is to show that the Christmas season arrived--we put up the tree and decorations and all that.  And we, according to tradition, had the Chipmunks Christmas music on and at the moment captured below Ethan said, "That is seriously my favorite Christmas music.  I kid you not--Ask Kourtney what we listened to in our apartment on our first Christmas."

Mom made millions of chocolates and caramels and toffee, etc. as usual.  It was awesome, and still is.  There's still some down in the fruit room.

This is Hazel in her owl shirt and Natalie.

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