Saturday, April 2, 2011


We went to a Fasnacht parade again.  In actual fact, we went to two.  One in our little village, and then a much bigger one in Bern (well, just Jethro and Hazel and I went to the one in Bern—Brett had seen enough).  We did see a Fasnacht parade last year, but I’m still amazed by the costumes, masks, and elaborately detailed face-painting.  Very different than anything I’ve seen in the States.

IMGP5127 IMGP5137

A lot of people dress up too- and not only the kids.

IMGP5143 IMGP5145 IMGP5146  IMGP5155 There is LOTS of confetti thrown.  You come home and shake off all the confetti on you before going inside, and still find confetti all over your house for the next two weeks.


Kami, I took a picture of this little girl for you.  :)

IMGP5181  IMGP7016  IMGP7020 IMGP7021 IMGP7022 IMGP7024 IMGP7025 IMGP7027 IMGP7030 IMGP7031 IMGP7038



IMGP7056 IMGP7058

The pictures above remind me of my brother Ethan.  Look at the similarities (hair and face):

image image

IMGP7061 IMGP7064 IMGP7066 IMGP7067 IMGP7068

This is where we were watching the parade from- right in front of the Bundeshaus (parliament building).



These pink things are REALLY weird.

  IMGP7076 IMGP7074

IMGP7081 IMGP7084  IMGP5135

IMGP7087 IMGP7088 IMGP7090 IMGP7097  IMGP7106    IMGP7102IMGP7100

 IMGP7123 IMGP7098  IMGP7132 IMGP7142  IMGP7149   IMGP7155

 IMGP7156 IMGP7158 IMGP7161

 IMGP7162 IMGP7163 IMGP7165 


Jethro and Hazel had a lot of fun scooping confetti up off the ground so they could have some to throw, since I was a mean mom and wouldn’t spend $6 for a bag!

IMGP7173IMGP7185 IMGP7186 IMGP7187    IMGP7208 IMGP7152


IMGP7215 IMGP7217 

IMGP7220 IMGP7222

That was a lot of pictures.

The end.


tongchen@seattle said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
Missy said...

Wow! Those masks are pretty spectacular! Great photos. Seriously.

Casey said...

Wow, where were all the muggles? Also, loved Jethro's nod to the west. Very classy hat.

Kami said...

I would love to go to that!!! It looks awesome! You should have dressed your kids up in their Halloween costumes.

nicole said...

Love the last confetti toss shot at the end.

Anonymous said...

Dude - that was awesome!!!! The costumes were so so cool!!! Fun Day. What does it celebrate? I too loved the last confetti toss. Super cute. Mom

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