Sunday, April 3, 2011

Allow me

to illustrate a point.  The point is-- babies grow way too fast.

Illustration-- these pictures were taken when Orrin was almost a week old, in the number 5 shirt I bought when I saw it, since obviously it was meant for him since he’s our number 5!  (He’s even holding up 5 fingers to show how proud he is of being number 5.  Okay, actually he doesn’t look too happy about it in that particular picture.  But, well, he’ll learn to love it.)  The sleeves are rolled up a couple times, it’s big and roomy on him, and his legs are like little toothpicks.

 IMGP3151 IMGP3158 IMGP3163

These pictures were taken when he was just three months old (early in March).  His tummy is round and he fills out the shirt quite well.  He looks so different and so big!!!  How can three super short months do that?! 

IMGP6957 IMGP6960 

It’s just a good thing that he gets cuter and cuter and more charming and fun as he gets bigger, otherwise I’d have to put my foot down!

p.s. An unrelated story- a few weeks ago I decided I wanted to start memorizing some hymns, and have the family memorize some too.  So, I picked the hymn ‘How Firm a Foundation’ for our first one.  I chose my favorite four verses of it (1-3 and 7) and wrote them on a piece of paper and taped it to the wall by our table.  I told the kids we would sing it before we started eating each meal.  So, we did—mainly due to Hazel’s insistence, as my enthusiasm for singing was sometimes curbed by my anxiousness to eat.  :)  But Hazel and the kids would sing, and we actually have 3 and most of the 4th verse memorized.  So, this morning while listening to conference (Sat. afternoon session, because we’re behind Utah time by 8 hours—I know, weird), what should Pres. Uchtdorf announce as the opening song but ‘How Firm a Foundation!’  It was soooo awesome.  The kids all belted it out, and guess what—the choir sang the same 4 verses that we learned!  Dude.  That’s some good taste the choir director has, picking the best verses.  ;)  Listen to it HERE – it’s the opening song, starts right at 2:00.

And I actually reminded myself of my mom today, since after almost every hymn they announced I said, “Oh I love that hymn!”  Although, my mom probably said that after EVERY hymn was announced, and not almost every.


Lynn said...

Wow. That is a really cool unique coincidence with the Hymn!!

Anonymous said...

Hey - I resemble that remark!!! I do love that hymn!!
Great idea to teach your kids the hymns because we don't get a chance to sing them very often - and they are wonderful. Mom

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