Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Ethne Rides!

These are pictures of Brett that I took on Sunday after church because I think he’s so good-looking, and obviously they don’t really have anything to do with Ethne riding, but that’s okay.  (I bought Brett a nice blue sweater for work and he said, “The only problem is that I don’t have a tie to go with it.  I need a yellow one.”  And I totally found this perfectly yellow tie at the second-hand store that same week.  Awesome.)


 IMGP7522 IMGP7523

And here’s Ethne riding!  Yahoo!  Both Jethro and Hazel learned to ride without training wheels right around the time they turned six, but Ethne’s our earliest at 4!





Orrin is cute.

IMGP7534 IMGP7535



Way to go Ethne!



Alisha Erin said...

Glad to hear Orrin's surgery went well! And ETHNE! She has gone from a cute little imp to a BEAUTIFUL little girl!! (who, I am sure, is still impish).

Kristi said...

Maggie refused to let me take off the training wheels last year, but I am thinking we should just start with them off this year. soon the snow will be gone and we can pull out the bikes!
yay for Ethne- that is fantastic!

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