Monday, January 3, 2011

Transportation Museum

Last week marked not only a new year, but the end of our first year in Switzerland.  To celebrate we’re going to pay a lot of money to renew our passes to keep living here, I got my Swiss driver’s license (which we pay a bunch of money for), and we went to the Museum of Transportation in Lucerne (which was kindof a lot of money, but parking was free—amazing!!).  We saw trains, planes, boats, and cars.  It was pretty cool.IMGP4103 IMGP4107 IMGP4108 IMGP4109

We had to get a picture in front of this train!:

IMGP4114 IMGP4116 IMGP4121 IMGP4125  IMGP4136 IMGP4137 IMGP4141   Talmage celebrated by (trying to) wear his sister’s fairy dress.  :)


p.s. Dear Jane in Maryland – thanks for your comment- I was just wondering recently if you were still there.  Hi!  :)  No I didn’t teach myself to crochet, my sister taught me when I was young.  Ravelry is WAY awesome!  That’s where I got all the patterns from.

Dear Katrina- That’s way funny that you wish you could crochet, because I like the look of knitting WAAAAAY more than crocheting, but I know that knitting is harder, so I’ve just never tried learning.  Brett always tells me to just learn, but I’m too lazy.  I always see these amazing looking knitting patterns, but instead of making the effort to learn, I just content myself with the crochet patterns I can find.  Come visit and you can teach me to knit and I’ll teach you to crochet.  And we got your card today.  So cute!

So, there are now links for the patterns for all the crocheted stuff.  You’ll have to create an account on but it’s free and it’s awesome.  Thanks for the nice words.  :)


Andrea said...

I was going to leave you a nice comment, but then you didn't leave ME a special comment. What am I? Chopped liver?

PS Showed the kids the babies documentary today. They loved it. Laughed their heads off at the Tokyo baby's tantrum.


Kristi said...

if you can crochet fantastic hats like that, you can definitely knit. silly girl.

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