Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Another Christmas post.

So it always makes one a bit sad to miss being with your family at Christmas, right? And you think of everyone getting together, eating fudge and chocolates, playing Rook, making jokes… it’s a lot to miss out on. Actually, I enjoyed Christmas this year a lot with my own little family, though I did start feeling a little blue around New Year’s. Luckily, I got to hear about it and see some pictures and I’m grateful for modern technology so we can share that way. And, I thought I’d share some too… because sharing is caring. Or something.

Amy, Lindsay Ann, Wyatt, and Ethan (my youngest brother who incidentally is turning 20 tomorrow—can you believe it?):


My dad, sticking his nose into an otherwise nice pictures: image

I had to include this picture, a little cropped, so you could see Amy and Wyatt’s faces. Maniacal. image

One night when Ethan refused to stay home and hang out with Amy and Wyatt and the others, instead going to a friend’s party, Amy and Wyatt stayed up until all hours of the morning selecting nice things from his room, wrapping them, and putting them under the tree for other people. They also wrapped various and sundry gifts addressed TO him. Like boxes of candy canes which were mostly empty except for a few crushed crumbs, an orange decorated to look like Wilson from Castaway, some panties:


My sister Lindsay said, “The best was when he opened the SINGLE peanut that we had wrapped during some festive Christmas Eve excitement, and he goes " I got a peanut." and mom was walking by and she said "Thats awesome! You're the only one who got a peanut!" :)

It reminds me of one Christmas many years ago when I unwrapped about fifty-two layers of wrapping to finally get to… a single cheerio. Oh Wyatt, you are such a wonderful gifter!

My sister Andrea also gave some details from one night they were together:

For example, Mom snorted milk. Wyatt ripped up napkins and threw napkin balls into people's cups. Mom told him to stop and then tossed a napkin ball into his ice cream in a perfect shot, and then she whooped and cheered while Wyatt protested. Then Dad challenged Wyatt and Sterling to a "man game" and they competed at who could keep their wedding ring spinning the longest. Wyatt told us about when he tried to get his kids to show him more respect and call him "Colonel." Thereafter, Amy took every opportunity to call him Colonel. You can imagine. We quoted What's Up Doc--"he tried to molest me." "That's . . . unbelievable." Hee hee. Timothy and Wyatt were in rare form and, of course, Amy was there. Enough said. At one point, Timothy made a joke and Amy said, "This is a very serious game, Tim. Try to keep the joking to a minimum." Very funny.

Anyway, good times. By the way, have I mentioned that my mom and dad are coming to visit in May?!?!?!?! That means only 123 days or so until I get to see them! YAHOO!!!!!

My brother Wyatt called and we talked for a little while last night about his classes. I’ve mentioned he’s in the same major I was in, right? So he has all the same classes and professors. I asked if one professor still tapes candy to graded projects, and he said “Yes. And she puts on stickers that say ‘Good work!’ ‘Way to go!’ “You’re great!’ I feel like I’m in third grade. It’s AWESOME!”

Wyatt also sent me an email today asking about my old camera. At the end he said, ‘Thanks Kayli poo.”

Anyhoo, that’s all. Just wanted to say I have a perty cool fam. (Except not that cool because I’ve invited every single one of them to come visit me and NONE have. Rudies.)

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