Monday, January 24, 2011

Talmage, happy and sad.

My handsome, handsome, handsome kid. How I love him. His big, gorgeous blue eyes, his adorable cheeks, his happy smiley, mischievous mouth.

How he hates getting his picture taken. (At first. Until I do something funny enough to make him laugh.)

IMGP4569 IMGP4570 IMGP4597 IMGP4606 IMGP4628 IMGP4640 IMGP4642 IMGP4644 IMGP4646 IMGP4647 IMGP4652 IMGP4679 IMGP4681 IMGP4682 IMGP4708 IMGP4715 IMGP4712

Come on, tell me how adorable he is. Don’t try to deny it. He is a bit pesky, though. He bites and makes messes and tonight when we playing Jenga for FHE, he knocked over the game twice. But you know, his cuteness makes up for it. Easily.


Steve and Katrina said...

So I've kind of been wanting a girl (mostly because we don't really have a boys name) but those pictures really really make me want boy.

SSSSOOOOOOOO CUTE! And that sweater is awesome. I love little boy clothes. He's adorable!

Andrea said...

He is adorable. You already know that. Come home and take pics of Eli for me.

Charlotte said...

He is unbelievably cute! :)

Karen P said...

Goodness, Kayli, those are sweet photos! - I was talking to Ann Maas and Sarah Harward the other day, and heard about your many adventures in Switzerland, and they sent me the link to your blog, which was SO fun to read! I have to say I especially LOVE the hats - the sage hat on Ethne, and the blue and white long-tailed stocking cap Orrin, now those make me want to learn how to knit/crochet! And I was tickled to hear about your birth surprise. Dale and I did that once - when we had the twins we did not tell our families that there were two, and when the birth came it was so fun to announce that the BABIES were here! And I had an aunt who guessed it about a month before they were born, and we were trying to stifle her :-) hee hee. Well, cheers to you and your family! - Karen Peckinpaugh

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