Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Nature walk.


I love this picture.  It looks like Orrin (I just wrote Talmage, then I deleted it and wrote it again.  Basically poor Orrin is always called ‘TalOrrin’.) is really settled in to the family.  :)



Last week’s weather was just beautiful.  SUNNY and 50ish degrees.  We had to go out for a little walk.  Here’s Hazel by a rock covered in cool green growth:


Closeup of the cool green growth:

IMGP4488 IMGP4494  

Daddy and Orrin:

IMGP4502 IMGP4504 IMGP4505 IMGP4510


Cute little Orrin:


I call these next shots ‘Movement’ (aka blurry):IMGP4525 IMGP4526 IMGP4527   IMGP4546 IMGP4548 IMGP4549


Megan said...

looks so nice to go for a walk - your kids are so big! I wish the weather would be nice here.

Kami said...

Today it was sunny too, while it snowed. Weird. Glad to hear from you--I was just about to call you and harass you to post something new.

Andrea said...

It has been warm here as well. We haven't ventured forth, however. Your kids are lucky. Orrin reminds me of Hazel. I think. I'm glad you posted--it had been awhile.

Steve and Katrina said...

Hazel looks so tall in that last picture. I thought you guys had snow on the ground all winter? I guess just in the mountains.

I think I agree with Andrea- Orrin does look like Hazel. I love how he looks like he is sitting so well. I'm impressed with how he is holding himself up.

cute kids.

Hanah said...

Wow I have been out of the blogging world! You had another little darling!! What a cutie he is too, just like the rest! Congratulations! I love your "movement" pics, haha I have alot of those too, ha :) Beautiful nature shots!

Anonymous said...

I took a walk today too and it was the most beautiful day, so sunny and blue, blue skies and mountains covered with snow. Love the pictures - kids are so cute and getting way to big!!! Can't wait to see you. Mom

Erin said...

kayli, your new little addition is BEAUTIFUL! for some reason i thought he was to come this spring, but surprise to me he's out and sweet as ever. i particularly enjoyed reading your birth story - i'm pregnant with my first now and will have him / her in switzerland so i loved hearing all the differences you mentioned. also, i LOVE your crocheting projects, great job. that hat on hazel is super adorable - i may have to make a few purchases from you when the time comes. ;)

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