Thursday, January 6, 2011

Mean face.

A couple weeks ago I had a friend snap a few pictures of our family before church started.  When I looked at all the pictures I realized… Jethro was less than impressed to have to be there.

IMGP4024 IMGP4026IMGP4030        IMGP4028


Lynn said...


I wonder if he will smile when he sees this at a much older time. Too funny.

Doreen said...

Lol!! Love the face!

Kami said...

Hey Kate, if you really wanted to crochet hats for my kids I think the elf one for Isabelly and the brown buttoned one for Elena, or maybe that one for Ana and the flower one for Elena. Yeah. The second thing I just wrote. And anything for Sebastian--he looks cute in everything. Okay maybe not a flower one for him. Hee. Hee. I'll pay for the yarn and shipping, they're so incredibly cute.

Kris said...

Too funny!

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