Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Pictures of Baby O

So, I have a lot in my head that I want to say, but since I’m really tired and Baby just went to sleep, I think I’ll leave most of it for tomorrow.  I was going to talk about resolutions and all that.  I do have a few, as we all do, but for now, I resolute to post more pictures of Orrin because he hasn’t been getting the attention he deserves on this blog!!  So here you are.  IMGP3739 IMGP3740

I know these are sooo dark—that’s the bad thing about winter—the light is gone sooo early.  Oh well.  (And the hospital gave him this pink soother, and it’s the only one he likes…)

IMGP3743 IMGP3744

IMGP3222  IMGP3233

IMGP4261   IMGP4264 IMGP4267  IMGP4295

I love this boy!!!  I can’t stop kissing his fingers or stroking his soft little cheeks and hair.  Mmmm, he’s so yummy.


Amy said...

he is PERFECTION. Absolute perfection. Thanks for the pictures. It almost, a teeny tiny bit makes me want another one... but only if he was guaranteed to be that cute!

Lynn said...

oh wow. You truly do have cookie cutter kids.

He is so beautiful!

Andrea said...

He's darling, Kate. Love him already. He reminds me of your other kids without my being able to figure out who exactly he looks like. A Bell baby anyway.

Anonymous said...

Another adorable baby and once again, fantastic photography!

Makes me miss babies...my youngest will be 17 this weekend (my twins).

Yay....I am so glad that you are on Ravelry! I am JMJ765 so make sure you friend me.

-Jane from Maryland

Christal said...

um your babies are just adorable he is so dang handsome!! all your kids are perfect!! Looks like you had a great Christmas and yeah to another year there? and renewing things I seriously love reading about your adventures and seeing the sites! You should stay there till I can afford to come visit second that would probably be a long time from now ha ha!! Love your family!! Happy new year!! {thanks for the age comment too makes me feel a little better about turning 35!! it only bothers me in the getting pregnant since otherwise its totally fine fine with it thats what happens right we age and plus we are only as old as we act so I should be just fine ;)!! ttys

Brooke said...

How in the Heck could you let a Sackett kid have a pink soother?
He will be shot for sure.

Kris said...

I LOVE the 5th one down! All that red hair!

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