Wednesday, January 12, 2011


Mirror, mirror on the wall, who’s the prettiest animated Disney female of all?


I always dismiss Cinderella, Aurora, and Snow White (and most of those others in the above picture) out of hand, because…I just don’t think they’re pretty.

I do think Belle is pretty though.  Plus she likes to read, and while that doesn’t make her prettier, it does make her cool.

 image   image

I did like The Little Mermaid when I was a kid, I was only in kindergarten or so when it came out, and she had red hair for goodness sake, so I had to like her.  However, she can certainly be annoying, and a lot of the time she’s actually not that pretty, except one particular part where I think she is:

Fullscreen capture 1212010 93929 PM 

Now Jane, well, I love Jane.  She’s really awesome and funny …but I’m afraid awesome and funny doesn’t win you the prettiest contest (not that she’s bad looking, just a little goofy—in a good way, of course).

Fullscreen capture 1212010 92652 PM Fullscreen capture 1212010 92452 PM

Tinkerbell is actually very pretty, but for some reason she doesn’t seem to ever get mentioned in these kind of contests.  She’s not a princess, nor the main female protagonist, but I like her.  Very feisty.


A newer one—Giselle—quite cute too.  What color would you call her hair?  Is it red?  Strawberry blonde?  (This picture doesn’t look as red as a lot of others.)  And by the way I LOOOOVE that movie.  I totally did not expect to like it so much.


BUT….. many people fail to look back into Disney annals for some more interesting candidates.  Such as Molly – from ‘The Saga of Windwagon Smith.’  Now THERE is a foxy lady.  She’s got some AWESOME hair.

Fullscreen capture 1212010 83401 PM 

Gorgeous eyes

Fullscreen capture 1212010 83418 PM 

Fullscreen capture 1212010 84144 PM 

And I’ve never seen a Disney girl dressed anywhere near as classy as her.  I LOVE her dress (and hat and umbrella) here:

Fullscreen capture 1212010 84256 PM Fullscreen capture 1212010 84340 PM

You’ve just got to admit that she’s a knockout!

Fullscreen capture 1212010 85414 PM 

And then there’s Slue Foot Sue from ‘Pecos Bill’ –the first female woman Bill ever saw.

Fullscreen capture 1212010 90642 PM Fullscreen capture 1212010 90142 PM

Again with some gorgeous eyes (that Pecos Bill goes swimming in):

Fullscreen capture 1212010 90252 PM 

Not only is she beautiful, but what’s more attractive than a cowgirl with boots and a hat?

Fullscreen capture 1212010 90428 PM Fullscreen capture 1212010 90533 PM

Can I help it if all the most beautiful girls are redheads?  I cannot.

BUT duh duh duh DUHHHHH… my pick for The Most Beautiful Disney Female:

Tarzan’s mother.  Yes, she only has about 1 minute of screen time (maybe that’s why I like her so much, she doesn’t have any time to do anything silly to lose your respect), but I think she’s just beautiful.

 Fullscreen capture 1212010 93119 PM Fullscreen capture 1212010 93158 PM Fullscreen capture 1212010 92916 PM


But maybe she won some points with me just because her husband has AWESOME facial hair.

The end.

(Who gets your vote?)


Andrea said...

This is such a tough one because most of the princesses are sooooooooooo annoying that they kill it (Ariel especially). I'll go with your vote--never having noticed her before as I don't really like that movie--I have to give kudos to your pick. She's a beauty queen.

Before I saw your pick, I would have gone with Belle hands-down, followed by Cinderella. Because Cinderella is not annoying. She's sweet and I've always liked her.

Kris said...

I would have to say Belle (maybe it's b/c of the brown hair and brown eyes). I also think Giselle is pretty as well as Rapunzel in the new movie Tangled - she's quite sassy! I've never heard of that Molly before!

Christine Merrill said...

What, you don't love Jasmin? If she'd put more clothes on, I'd put her all over my wall :) But, I guess I've always liked the Mediterranean look...

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