Saturday, January 1, 2011

Still more crochet.

The girl stuff.  (I mentioned that I got a little addicted right?  Well, it is a nice hobby for me right now.  I like sewing but my sewing machine is still in America, and for crocheting all you need is the hooks and yarn.)

This yellow hat was made to go in a Christmas shoe-box of gifts donated to a girl in somewhere in Africa.  It’s a really fast one to crochet, and I think most little girls would like it. 

PATTERN for Shell Stitch Beanie HERE.

PATTERN for flower HERE.


Hazel modeled it for me before we sent it off.  (Hazel’s a good hat model.)


And here’s the one I made for Hazel.  And we had a fun little photoshoot of her wearing it, but I’ll post them on a separate post.  One of the best things about this particular hat was that I had envisioned a nice, rich red color for it, and I magically came across this PERFECT yarn at the thrift store in the perfect amount—yay!


White hat.  This one was supposed to be for myself, but I think it fits too tightly on me, and looks much better on Hazel.  I could make it bigger, but it used up all the yarn, and I’d have to buy more.  (Pretty much doubtful that it will ever get enlarged.  That’s okay- look how cute it is on Hazel.  And on Ethne too.)  I think the pattern looks pretty neat and it was super fast to make.

PATTERN for Divine Hat HERE.



IMGP4229 IMGP4231

Sage elfish hat-  I love this hat.  I think it’s shape is so super cute.  However, the pattern only came in one size, and that was for babies.  Also, I found this green yarn at the thrift store which was a wonderful color, but it was very thin and quite stretchy.  I was watching a movie one night when Brett was gone and decided just to crochet it anyway and see how it turned out.

PATTERN for Crochet Pixie Hat HERE.  (This pattern is very weird and confusing.  Just ignore everything possible and it works out.)


It turned out CUTE!  Actually, even though it’s quite a bit too small, the stretchiness of the yarn worked to my advantage, because it still goes on and looks fairly okay.  Tell me Ethne isn’t adorable in this hat!  Love it.  (Had to take pictures from all angles because the cuteness of the hat is mostly due to it’s shape.  Had to.)

IMGP3464IMGP3468 IMGP3470 IMGP3484

See, you’d seen it before and didn’t even know it!


Both of these hats I made.  :)


Oh, and that other one too. 


Okay, my other most favorite hat.  And the only other one I paid for the pattern.  Brown cable tam- Looks a bit complex, but not too hard.  Actually it was really fun to make, except for the ribbing on the bottom.  Very annoying.  But it looks cute.  Unfortunately, it came out just a tad bit small for what I would consider perfect.  And I even checked the gauge this time!  Oh well, it still works, it’s just annoying because it’s not a hat I can go in and easily make bigger, like most.  Funny story- I bought buttons at the store to put on and they were in a paper bag sitting on the bookshelf.  Brett decided to clear off the bookshelf and they ended up in the garbage.  I was kindof sad but then I looked and had these couple of buttons from somewhere and they fit pretty perfectly.

PATTERN for Girl’s Button and Cable Tam HERE.


IMGP4154 IMGP4165 IMGP4191 IMGP4193 IMGP4194  IMGP4211


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Kristi said...

okay, either you need to make hats for me and my shop, or you need to open a shop. your hats are fantastic!- way more fancy than I ever make. I feel like I need to try some new stuff now!
stinking adorable!

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