Saturday, December 11, 2010

Pictures of Orrin from today.

I just loooooove this sweet little man.  Brett took the kids and went to a baptism and then a ward party, so I have just been sitting here, holding Orrin, stroking the perfect softness of his cheeks and head and hands, and listening to some beautiful Christmas music.  It;s so cozy.  And Orrin smells wonderful newborn-delicious because he took a nice bath today.  See?

IMGP3133 IMGP3135

Awww, he is so cute!

IMGP3142 IMGP3144


Kirsta and Morian said...

cute boy! when are you gonna tell the story of his birth and his stats, etc?

Kami said...

He is REALLY cute, even Leo says so, and he thinks all newborns look like gremlins!

Anonymous said...

He is a very cute boy!!! Glad you could just have some time alone with him. Babies are so wonderful - and for just a short time. Mom

Anonymous said...

He reminds me so much of what Jethro looked like as a new born, yet I see a lot of the others in him as well. You make beautiful babies!!! Is he the final package? Jessica Bell

Andrea said...

He looks just like one of your babies. I loved the first pic of Ethne and Orrin--something about the matching hair and her sweet hands. Cute pics--all of them.

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