Friday, December 3, 2010

Another December list.


imageToday Ethne was looking through a book and saw a picture of a baby with his shoe in his mouth.  She showed us all this funny baby, and when Hazel saw him she said, “I used to do that.  When we lived in Indiana and I rode in the back of the car I got bored and chewed on my shoe sometimes.”  Hmmm, okay.

2.  Do you ever feel a little bit lonely or  like you never get to socialize with people and then when the chance comes, you are actually a bit reluctant to leave your own house and your own routine?  For that matter, do you ever wish your husband could come home early, maybe you even text him at 8:00 in the morning saying you miss him and want to cuddle with him, and then by the time he is home and the kids are in bed, you just want to be alone?

3.  See these? IMGP2738

These are cranberries.  Do you know how I know?  Because it says so, right on the package.  IN ENGLISH.  Not only does it say it in English, but the WHOLE, ENTIRE package is in English.  In fact, there is no other language on the whole package.  No German, French, Italian, or other language.  The weight is in oz. first, then grams in parenthesis.  They’re a product of the USA, but not only are they are a product of the USA, they were made to be sold there…hence the English-only.  You know, I got reaaally excited when I realized this.  I could read the whole package.  I could understand the nutrition infortmation.  I could read all the tips and instructions.  I could read the recipes.  It really made my day. 


You may all be thinking I’m crazy, but after a while of feeling lame-sauce because when you ask if someone speaks English and they say no, but offer to speak in French or Italian, and you feel dumb because you can’t give them any other options, or you have to get your 8-year-old son to translate a question from a cashier for you, or you have to wait until your husband gets home to read notes from the kids’ teachers, it is a bit fun to be able to read an entire package.  Even if it is just cranberries, and even if you have no intention of making any sort of food with them.

4.  They were for today’s advent activity, which was to make popcorn and cranberry garlands.  It was fun stuff.  Actually, I didn’t make them, I made dinner, but the kids had fun.IMGP2790 IMGP2785 IMGP2786 IMGP2787 IMGP2788 

Popcorn and cranberry garlands are really pretty.  I wish I had taken an artsy/cool picture of them, but alas, I did not.  Perhaps I will when we get a tree and put them on it.

5.  Yesterday’s advent activity was to dance to Christmas music.  I heard it was fun, but I was at a RS activity, so I cannot elaborate.

6.  Why has Talmage suddenly decided it is fun to change clothes several times a day, including taking off his diaper?  Crazy kid.

7.  I wrapped presents tonight and last night, and then packed them all up into our storage space in the attic for safe-keeping.  I think my kids are going to have a good Christmas.

8.  Yesterday at the store I bought a candy thermometer and cream and good stuff like that.  I am going to make some fudge, some chocolates, some candied cinnamon almonds, some english toffee, maybe some glass candy, hmmm… anything important that I’m missing?

9.  I have been enjoying December so far.  :)


Jessica said...

#2 describes me perfectly, I even read it to my husband and he agreed...

I love the garlands and I think I will have to make some with my kids :)

Chocolates and candy sound so good, have fun making them!

Alyse and Carlos said...

#2 I agree 100%, especially now that it's winter, I'd rather not leave the house if it's not absolutely necessary, but I feel more lonely since it's Christmas time.
#3 is sooooo true! Any packages here in English are covered in Portuguese stickers so you still can't read the recipes/ingredients/etc. And when you try to take off the sticker, it ruins the packaging underneath so you still can't read the English. Boo. And I love when the people at the store treat you like you're 7 because you only speak English. :) But when I do find someone who speaks English, I mean really speaks English, I get so excited to talk to them, they probably think I'm weird. I found a store at a metro station that is similar to a Walmart. I was so excited I just wandered around aisle by aisle through the whole store and it almost felt like a real Walmart until I started reading the signs and listening to people speak. It was still amazing! I can't wait to go back. I don't know how you help your kids with school and everything--that would be impossible. You're incredible.

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