Saturday, December 18, 2010

A few catch-ups.

Here’s Hazel and Ethne on their way to the ward Christmas party.  Aren’t they beautiful?




IMGP3301  Here’s a picture of our sparkly Christmas tree lights.  I like our Christmas tree.  I got red and gold ornaments from the second-hand store, and with the popcorn/cranberry garlands I think it’s very beautiful.  Which is good, since it’s our one and only Christmas decoration.  We didn’t even bring stockings.  And since I have to get up in the night anyway, I love that I can nurse Orrin to the pretty light of the Christmas tree.


IMGP3116 IMGP3122   

Where’s baby?


There he is!


Here’s Hazel and Jethro doing another advent activity-cutting out paper snowflakes.  (A whole lot of advent days got skipped after I had Orrin, but I was expecting that.)  It was a fun activity, I used some really cool patterns from here.  Why are boys so weird? 



I have to stick these pictures in of Ethne and Talmage because they pull out all the pots and pans pretty much every day and play with them.  I thought maybe I should get them some toy pots and pans for Christmas, but then I thought—why?--  they already play with the real thing.

IMGP3457 IMGP3458 

And here’s another thing Talmage does pretty much every day.  He gets someone’s shoes on (this time they’re Jethro’s), and somebody’s backpack (this time it’s Hazel’s) and this time he put on a hat, and then he comes and waves “bye” to us and walks around.  Good times.


Oh, here are our snowflakes.  It’s kindof (yes Andrea, kindof – one word) hard to take pictures of something when you put it on a window.  So, first attempt,


second attempt,


and third attempt.  They’re pretty cool.


I always love pictures of babies that actually show how little they are.  Look how tiny he is in my bed!


And, there are a few things I forgot to mention about having Orrin in Switzerland.  Another difference is that we didn’t have hospital bracelets with our names, or a security number that we had to read off every time we gave/got our baby from a nurse etc.  Basically, they were chill about the security issue. 

Another thing, no, I didn’t have to do the glucose test or drink a nasty drink.  I believe they did test something like that, because one time when I was at the doc’s office, the nurses asked me what I had for breakfast and I told them Corn Flakes without sugar and they said that was good and they took my blood that day.  That’s all I know.  (By the way, the nurses at my doctor’s office didn’t speak any English, so that made things a bit difficult.  My doctor speaks very good English, and most everyone did at the hospital, except one nurse who wasn’t around very long.)

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