Sunday, December 26, 2010

A good day.

So, this was the best I got for the Christmas Eve p.j.’s shot.  Talmage wasn’t feeling it, too much distraction in the background, weird lighting because it was late, but oh well- my kids are cute.IMGP3906

The children nestled all snug in their bed.  They all slept in the same room on Christmas Eve.  Very surprisingly, they went to sleep with no problems.


Early to rise… and let the unwrapping begin!

IMGP3929 IMGP3927IMGP3946

Orrin enjoyed the action by chilling on the couch.


Playing with the fun new stuff.  Girls doing girly things,  IMGP3947

 IMGP3967 IMGP3971

and boys doing boyly things.


And more girly stuff.

IMGP3978 IMGP3980  

and Talmage feeding Orrin with the new dolly bottle when he started to cry.


And Brett’s STILL playing with Jethro’s Meccano dune-buggy.


Now that they’re all prettied up, they can sing and dance.

IMGP3995 IMGP3998

And they have to take apart the dune buggy they made, and make the other model.  (This is my favorite sequence of pictures maybe ever.)


(Derek, this is the picture that reminded me of you):

IMGP4005 IMGP4006 IMGP4007 IMGP4008 IMGP4009

Then they all went sledding and came back in to do the next obligatory Christmas day thing—read one of your new books (Jethro got I think 24 books in all!!!).


Jethro likes to read a lot.  Sometimes upside down.


Yahoo for Christmas!


Ginger said...

We are soooo into makeup and reading here in our house too. Your day sounded a lot like ours. Oh, I need to post some pictures of the mountains here in Wyoming that will compete with your Swiss Mountains.

Andrea said...

Merry Christmas to you guys!!! It looks like it was a good one. Missed you around here.

Christal said...

Merry CHristmas looks like it was a good one!! and your kids are adorable!!

n8 said...

What kind of books are getting Jethro? I've been searching for some good books for Aubree to read. Do you have any recommendations?

Looks like you all had a fun Christmas!


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