Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Bern Christmas Market

So, I wanted to mosey around the Christmas market (in fact, I kindof wanted to travel to one of the cities/villages that have much much bigger markets, but with a two-week-old baby, it just wasn’t in the cards for this year), but Brett wasn’t real excited about the idea. Instead, he came home early so that I could go. All by myself. Taking all the pictures I wanted to. No pushing a stroller or worrying about where my various children are. It was lovely. I was really grateful to Brett. Anyhoo, some pictures.

IMGP3763 IMGP3764 IMGP3767 IMGP3769 IMGP3772 IMGP3774 IMGP3775 IMGP3776 IMGP3780 IMGP3790

In front of the Munster Cathedral.

IMGP3791 IMGP3797 IMGP3804 IMGP3808

I thought these were very cute. Maybe I’ll show them to my father-in-law and he’ll make me one someday.

IMGP3812 IMGP3814 IMGP3819 IMGP3821

Kami, this shop was for you. They had all sorts of different cool instruments. By then however, I was short on time, or else I would have taken more pictures.

IMGP3823 IMGP3826 IMGP3832 IMGP3834 IMGP3835


IMGP3836 IMGP3839

These flowers weren’t in the actual Christmas market, just on the sidewalk downtown, but I love the sidewalk flower shops. Every time I pass beautiful roses I want to take them all home. Instead I took pictures. :)IMGP3840




Frohe Weihnachten!


Christal said...

Merry Christmas to you too!! Love all the pictures what amazing things you get to experience and see!!! Still jealous every time I read a post :)

Andrea said...

I would loved to have been at your side that night. I have always wanted to go to the German market in Chicago this time of year...but we've never made it. I love seeing the European Christmas knick-knacks and handmade beauties. I love all of the photos. They are beautiful! Thanks for sharing. Merry Christmas!

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