Wednesday, December 15, 2010


Will I ever finish the post I started several days ago about Orrin’s birth?  Probably.  Maybe even soon.  But not tonight, as I am feeling the call of my bed clear and strong.  But if you want to know how it went, I’ll just refer you to Talmage’s birth story, as it’s really quite similar. 

Anyway, here are just a few funnies I have scribbled down over the last while.

Me (eating a piece of particularly scrumptious fresh bread, slathered in butter and good honey (I love creamed honey, from Canada—it’s always best from Canada for some reason, but it’s quite a bit more expensive, so I alternate buying it and the cheap honey)):  I love honey so much that I’m going to name my next daughter Honey.

Ethne: But we already have someone named Honey.

Brett: Who?

Ethne:  You!  (It’s true that I pretty much call Brett ‘honey’ all the time.)


Me to Ethne after she playfully hit Brett’s arm: Don’t hit my husband or I’ll have to throw you out the window. (We live on the third floor.)

Ethne: No!!! That would be danthewuth! (“dangerous” with her lisp—very cute)  …Especially for little kids.


Ethne: I call this water coffee, because it always makes me cough.


And I just have to say that sometimes my husband is weird.  The other day at dinner I noted that the shirt he was wearing was old, because he had been wearing it the day Jethro was born (it’s not so much that I remember that, but you know, there’s the picture).  Then Brett said, “Jethro, come kiss this shirt.”  And Jethro protested “Why?!”  and Brett said, “You should respect your elders.”  okay.  Weirdo.

When we were in the bathroom together getting ready for church, I told Brett to get the tweezers and pull out the eyebrow hair that was sticking out three feet.  He said, “No, it makes me look distinguished.”

And the other night, he randomly started singing “Whiskey made me pawn my clothes, whiskey gave me a broken nose…” 

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