Saturday, December 11, 2010

Daddy loves Orrin.







Lynn said...

So sweet!

How are YOU feeling?

Anonymous said...

Those are really awesome pictures!!!! So so cute. Orrin looks like he fits in - has the same look.
Love you. Mom

Doreen said...

Hi Kayli, I heard some rumors so I came to check it out for myself. Its true! You have a new cutie! Congrats - he is a doll :)

Angela and William said...

Wow! We both now have 5 kids! Up to now our kids matched up with gender and age . . . but that's OK . . . we still want you to come live by us someday!

I enjoyed reading you blog soooo much. You are incredible!

I just realized we sent your christmas card to your old address. Well, I might have to email it to you. Email me I lost your email.

Merry Christmas!

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