Thursday, August 19, 2010

Third part of the trip- Switzerland.

  This was when we drove over the pass between Italy and Switzerland.  It was a really gorgeous place.DSCF6231 DSCF6232 DSCF6237 DSCF6240 DSCF6242 DSCF6244 We got a flat tire when Brett ran over a peg-thingee.DSCF6245  So we got to play around on the mountainside while he fixed it.DSCF6249 DSCF6250   DSCF6255 DSCF6256 This is the day we went up Pilatus (a cool mountain). DSCF6263   Going up.DSCF6269 DSCF6270 Unfortunately, not much of a view, since it was enveloped entirely in a cloud.DSCF6273 But kinda cool anyway.DSCF6276 DSCF6278 The cable that leads to nothing.DSCF6279  We saw two ibex on the next mountaintop.DSCF6285  This is when we went to Luzern.  While the kids were feeding bread to the ducks and swans, I kept telling them they should try feeding them right out of their hands.  Well, Hazel did, and then cried when the swan bit her.  It was pretty crazy and very funny.  That girl is awesome.  She’ll try anything.DSCF6293  DSCF6295  DSCF6298   


DSCF6307 Swiss gorgeousness, driving home through the Interlaken region.  It is such a BEAUTIFUL place.DSCF6317 DSCF6329   DSCF6338 DSCF6340  DSCF6352  DSCF6358  DSCF6371 DSCF6376This is from our own little Bern.  A very kind official came and said Hazel should get down, but I could take a picture first.DSCF6386 DSCF6392 DSCF6395 This is from the cheese factory at Gruyere.DSCF6423Where we watched them make a LOT of cheese.  Of the gruyere variety.  We all got free samples (free meaning included in the expensive entry price).DSCF6426 DSCF6429 Lots of cheese.DSCF6431 Cute little clock.DSCF6446  One funny story I remembered-  when we were in Salzburg we went to a nice restaurant.  It took quite a long time for our orders to arrive, and so even though I took Talmage outside for awhile, he still had a hard time waiting.  At one point he got up and started going out, so I got up to get him.  He started running, and since he had quite a lead on me, I started running a bit too.  Then I tripped on a rug and fell flat on my face.  Everybody on that side of the restaurant saw me.  It was highly embarrassing.  Later, when Brett and I were driving I asked him if he still loved me even though I had been such a klutz.  He said, “I love you more, for being such good entertainment.”  :)


Andrea said...

This is the first post that made me want to travel. Man, I'm homesick for Waterton Park. Is that even possible? Can you be homesick from a place you lived in such a short time? I don't care. I claim homesickness for mountains and green. I think I'm coming to visit you. Except I would have to get on an airplane. I think I'm going to Canada.

Kristi said...

so excited to go to waterton next week! hehe. not much compared to Switzerland, but still pretty nice!

Christal said...

okay I am offically insanely jeoulous of every post lately i so want to go to all of these places BUT i love looking at your pictures of your cute family going everywhere what awesome memories!! Still jeolous!! You guys are living it up!! way to go!!

k a t y said...

Your photos are amazing! Makes me wish I was in your neck of the woods today.

AND I don't know how I would exist without my sewing machine. Do you do any handwork?

Lindsay Ann Rasmussen said...

i need me some good cheese!

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