Monday, August 30, 2010

Random list and pictures.

1.  I love how kids look when they first wake up with messy hair and sleepy eyes.DSCF7406 


  2.  I got the girls’ hair cut, and I’m afraid I did the wrong thing to get  “small” layers in Hazel’s hair.  I wish I would have left it one length.DSCF7425 DSCF7428 3.  The other day while eating lunch Hazel asked, “Do teeth get headaches?”DSCF7436 4.  I love people who speak English.  Really.DSCF7450 5.  Somebody gave me some princess pull-ups, and the other day Ethne noticed them in the closet and asked me, “When I’m a baby again can I wear these?”DSCF7465 DSCF7466 DSCF7467  6.  Hazel had three teeth fall out in the last couple of days- including the top front, as you can see.  I was SOOOOOO SAD!!!!  You see, I had a new outfit that we had bought for Hazel before school started, and I wanted to take her out and get pictures, but I was waiting for my new camera.  I even thought—I’ve got to take them before her top teeth get loose, I want one more nice picture with all her sweet pretty baby teeth.  But unfortunately, I had no warning- they didn’t ever get loose, on Sunday after dinner one of them was suddenly just hanging half out, and after Brett pulled that one, he immediately pulled the other one.  I blame it all on the chewy yummy European bread.DSCF7476 DSCF7478 7.  We don’t even know when the other tooth came out.  We were at a party for a friend’s birthday, and we were introduced to a guy who is a dentist, so I jokingly said to Hazel that he could pull out her loose tooth.  Then she felt in her mouth and asked me, “Where’s my loose tooth again?”  It was gone.  We have no idea when it fell out or if she swallowed it or anything.  Perhaps it was when she asked about teeth having headaches.  (Don’t get me wrong, I realize the gap-toothed grin is cute and all, in a funny-looking-cute-kid sort of way, but I was really planning on one last perfect little teeth picture.)DSCF7479 8.  When Brett and I were driving somewhere in Germany or Austria or Italy we were playing the Animal Game, which is where one person picks an animal and the next person has to think of an animal that begins with the last letter of the previous animal.  You can’t use any animal more than once.  (p.s. Jethro is a fantastic help in this game.  As was Blake whom I could call on the walkie-talkie.)  So, we had been playing for quite some time, with several almost wins except then we’d finally think of another animal that starts with an “e” or something like that.  We were to the point where we reduced sometimes to trying to get away with making up something and saying we were positive that such an animal exists, when Brett  said ‘Auck.’  I said that there was no way there was an animal called an auck.  He of course insisted, and we had to write it down so we wouldn’t forget to look up and see who was right.  Well, guess what.  image This is an auk.  (So Brett spelled it wrong, but he was right.)  How many of you knew there was an animal called an auk?

9.  I feel like I should cut back on the amount of sweets I eat, but I don’t want to.DSCF7481 10.  When we were in Ticino we had our own little testimony meeting with our friends on Sunday, and I asked Hazel if she wanted to bear her testimony or tell her favorite scripture story.  She then proceeded to say “I’d like to bear my testimony” and then tell the story from the Book of Mormon of Christ visiting America and blessing the children, healing the sick, and how angels came down with the children and they were surrounded by fire.  It was honestly the sweetest, best thing ever to hear her lovely little testimony.  DSCF7489

DSCF7493 DSCF7494 DSCF7495 11.  When Brett’s family was here we started talking once about what we spend money on.  I believe it started out because we were talking about how Brett and Blake prefer not to spend money going out to eat (okay, we may have been meaner than that and called them stingy in general).  Anyhow, I pointed out that most people, no matter how frugal, generally have one thing that they are willing to spend money on.  Such as Blake spends lots on hunting, guns, fishing, etc.  Brett spends on cars/motorcycles (at least he would if he didn’t live in Switzerland at present).  Then they asked me what I spend on.  And after thinking about it, I’ve decided I like to spend on whatever is in front of me at the time.  ;)DSCF7497 DSCF7498 12.  I do like to buy clothes- but sometimes I don’t make sense.  For example, I often see women dressed cute, and I think- oh, I really should buy a necklace and a cardigan for a ‘nicer’ look.  Then what do I order online?  This hoodie: imagebecause it looks soooooooo comfy and soft and I will live in it every day this winter.  I couldn’t resist.  Plus I like the color.

(I love the following picture—so cute!)DSCF7502 DSCF7506 13.  Currently Brett is looking through pictures online of restored Comets and Opels.  Obviously he’s feeling nostalgic tonight for his old cars.  :)


Kami said...

That last post was awesome. And I think my Jack is pretty darn cute!!! Anyway, I think that hoodie is so you. Hee. Hee. And I love Ethne's hat!!! I miss you, I need to call you. Ahhh...I've been so busy! Why is that?

Andrea said...

I love your post, Kayli. I do the same thing--I should dress nice and cute, but most of the time comfort is WAY more important to me!

Your kids are all getting SO big. Especially Talmage! He looks like a little boy!
Elise was talking about Hazel the other day...I think she will always remember her birthday party. She always talks about how you made her a castle. That was the best!

We've thought of you several times these past few weeks--mostly because of food we've eaten. I LOVE your Gyro recipe, and we had more cukes than we knew what to do with. I made another recipe of yours too...but now I can't remember what it was. Anyway, your photos are all adorable and I can't believe Hazel is old enough to lose teeth!!!

Polly said...

So this is totally random but I keep thinking of you when we hear this song so I posted it on my blog so you could love it too.

Your kids are cute! and I am envious of your photography skills.

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