Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Jack the Man.

I just have to take a moment and introduce you to the Jacks in my family.

First, my great-grandpa Cougar Jack. I suppose he is the original Jack.image

Then Jack my dad.image

My brother, Derek Jack (he doesn’t always dress like that, but it would be awesome if he did).image His son, Gideon Jack.imageMy son, Talmage Jack (I’d say something here about him being the cutest Jack, but I’m not sure I’m up for all the abuse that will come my way if I did that).DSCF5426 Sebastian Jack, son of Kami and Leo.And now- born just a few days ago (on my birthday- cause he knew how awesome that would be!) – the newest Jack! Jack Lloyd, Wyatt and Lindsay Ann’s first son (I say first which obviously implies he’s not your last- right Lindsay Ann?!).image This is Grandpa Jack with Baby Jack.image And just because it is so amazingly awesome- a picture of Little Jack on his first horseback ride – at 2 days old. (Wyatt, you rock.)image At our next get-together, we’ll have to take a picture of all the Jacks together.


Andrea said...

Ahh--nothing makes a newborn look tiny like Dad's hands. Love it. I got to hold Baby Jack and he is adorable and smells like heaven. Love him already.

Lynn said...

Cool. I love every single Jack in your family. Cause they are my family too. ; D

Congrats to Wyatt and Lindsay Ann!

Kristi said...

my jack is jack lloyd also!
how fun!

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