Thursday, August 12, 2010

Beautiful Tessin

So we got back yesterday from a trip to Paradise. Also known Tessin, or Ticino, which is the Italian part of Switzerland. We were invited by friends to stay with them in their sister’s cabin. We had a fabulous few days with a day at the lake, a quick trip into Italy to watch a few street shows and eat gelatto, climbing and swimming in the beautiful Verzasca river valley, watching shooting stars, crisping various parts of our body, and visiting with our friends.

Here are some highlights. Be sure to click to make it big.


Megan said...

That video was awesome!!! SO fun to see live clips too - not just still shots. Looks like a great time!! FUn, fun!!!

Kami said...

That was amazing!!!! I loved it! Plus, I loved the songs. You're amazing.

Lynn said...

I'm with Kami! Great song. What a fun video. Loved it.

Andrea said...

Emeline wanted to tell you that we watched your video and she wants you to come over to our house with your kids.

Strangely, watching your video gave me a desperate longing to head to Waterton and Red Rock Canyon and eat my weight in Tiger ice cream. Utah is so unpleasant in the summer and you all looked so . . . not hot.

Also, everyone says nobody in Europe has children. I saw several in the beach shots, so that must be a vicious rumor.

You're kids are lucky to have a mom who lets them play naked. You should feed them more, though. They're terribly scrawny.

Tiger ice cream. Sigh. Sad. Hormones. Why have I wanted to get to Canada so much lately? Too many youtube videos, I guess. Or just the heat. Or reading books about Ireland where everyone lived together (really close together) and helped each other with each other's children all the time. Sigh. Miss you.

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