Sunday, August 1, 2010

Happy Switzerland Day!!!

Yay for Switzerland!!DSCF5709

DSCF5705 Yay for friends who invite us for amazing barbeques!DSCF6872 It was yummy! And fun. (It involved food, rain, and soccer—just like the 4th of July party we invited them to!)DSCF6874 DSCF6876And some fireworks. Brett took Hazel and Jethro to see the big ones in Bern, but I stayed home with the little kids who needed their sleep badly after a couple late nights already.DSCF6880

And here is a video, much like the ‘I am Canadian’ one we all love, but if you know what the guy is saying, you speak better German than I do. Okay, Brett just translated for me, and this is what he says:

I'm not a farmer nor a wrestler. I don't live in the Alps, or eat fondue. I can't yodel, and I don't have a crossbow, nor a swatch. But I'm punctual and exact anyway. I have a Parliament, not a Chancellor. I speak Swiss German, French, Italian, and Romansh, NOT German. (Although this part is completely bogus, since the guy isn't speaking Swiss German, he's speaking German. We'll just assume it's so non-Swiss can understand him.) I'm proud of my survival knife in my pocket. I believe in neutrality, and NOT in the European Union. I believe in tradition and freedom, and the cow is a truly proud and noble animal. (Next part only makes sense in German, because he's using words that are only used in Switzerland for things) A velo is a bike, a natel is a handy. And Ovo is a drink with milk, not soap, MILK! Switzerland is the richest nation, with the best skiers, and the most beautiful land in Europe. My name is... (something, we can't really tell what), and I am Swiss!

Yay Switzerland!

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