Friday, August 6, 2010


So, I remembered today the coolest story about our hike on Saturday that I forgot to relate.  So, as Brett was walking carrying Talmage on his back and Ethne in front, he walked by several hikers going the other way (or perhaps they were going by us because we were slower, that happened a lot, I can’t actually say with any amount of certainty which scenario is the correct one), and after they had passed by he heard one of them say, “Zwei kinder! —RESPECT!”  Which means of course, “Two kids! –RESPECT!”  :)

The reason I remembered this was that today the kids and I were at a pizza place getting pizza for lunch (I should not go grocery shopping at lunch time, particularly when the grocery store is adjacent to a pizza place that smells fantastic!), and there was a guy and a girl working there (I’m guessing they may have been married) and they were watching us while our pizza was cooking.  The woman (who did not speak English, so Jethro had to translate for me and ask how long it would take (yes, I am much like the Spanish-speaking immigrants in the States who don’t speak English so their kids translate for them)) asked if all of the children were mine.  I said yes (since they were all on fairly good behavior I decided to claim them), and the guy said, “Team!”  And the woman said, “Grosser team!”  Which doesn’t mean Gross team, but rather, Big team!  It was cool.  Four kids are more than people are used to seeing here.

At this juncture I really must point out that it is Tell’s birthday on Monday, and supposedly he’ll be two.  Except that I absolutely reject that idea and refuse to agree to it.  I think there has been corruption, calendars have been tampered with, and in actuality he’s still only 15 months old.  I mean just look —he can’t be getting older because he’s still my baby.  That’s settled then.Aug 10 Now we can move on to another one of my kids getting older.  This handsome man is actually EIGHT years old.  (Or so he tells me… I have my doubts.)  My goodness, he is cute.DSCF6793 DSCF6696 DSCF6754 DSCF6768 DSCF6792 And all the kiddos.DSCF6728 And just to round out the post, a few more of Ethne and Hazel.DSCF6739 “A sticky treat is a good treat.”  -Hazel Bell  08-06-10DSCF6689 Today Hazel told me that when she grows up she wants to be a store owner.  Of a kid store.  But then she changed her mind to a pet shop.  When I pressed her to choose, she said, “I can’t decide—there’s just so many fun things to be!”DSCF6690 The end.


Lynn said...

I can't believe that two years have flown by already!! Happy birthday to your little guy!

(Now if only two years would fly by just as fast till I get to see my missionary again.)

Amanda said...

I agree, "there's just so many fun things to be." That's why being a mom is best, you get to be all those thing!

Kris said...

How does Jethro like knowing he gets to be baptized in Switzerland!? :) I can't believe Talmage is already 2! And you don't have a baby to hold or one in your tummy. ;) Love those hillside pictures! Very cool.

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