Tuesday, August 17, 2010


Okay, I have to record the rest of our Europe trip- I’ll try to make it as quick and painless as possible.

Brett’s mom, his sister Kris, and his brother Blake flew here and we went on a whirlwind tour of some cities in Germany, Austria, Italy, and of course, Switzerland. Here’s Hazel and Ethne and Talmage in Munich.DSCF5850 DSCF5851 Hazel likes to climb on statues.DSCF5857 I thought these little guys were so cute.DSCF5861 Very big castle in Munich. DSCF5881 You can’t even tell just how huge it was from the pictures.DSCF5883 This was in Salzburg. Blake wanted a picture of him and all the horses and carriages lined up.DSCF5889 Everyone in Salzburg.DSCF5892 DSCF5896 Venice. I thought it was a really cool thing to ride down the “streets” of the city to where our hotel was.DSCF5967

DSCF5924Blake and JethroDSCF5943Kris and HazelDSCF5945


In an alley.DSCF5957

I have lots of pictures of Blake- I think it is because 1. he is a child magnet, and so one of more of my children were always hanging on him, and 2. he just got engaged right before he came (YAAAAYYYY!!!) so in the back of my head I kept thinking I was taking pictures for Julia.DSCF5962

On the day we left Venice there was a strike, so most of the boats weren’t running. Italy is a cool place.DSCF5965 Florence. It was hot.DSCF5978


DSCF5982 So we got icecream.DSCF5986 DSCF5987 DSCF5997 DSCF5999 Blake wanted a picture with the cool-hat-police.DSCF6013 I thought Florence was cool too. So many crazy naked statues. DSCF6024

DSCF6025 DSCF6031 This (the middle, forward one) was a particularly weird statue. Don’t look too close.DSCF6032 DSCF6035 Here we are in front of our hotel room.DSCF6039 We ate gelatto. We LOVED gelatto. Gelatto is wonderful.

DSCF6040 In the market.

DSCF6042 He’s so cute.DSCF6046 They’re cute too.DSCF6049Blake bought a purse for Julia in the market. There were TONS of purses.DSCF6048 A little woodshop.DSCF6051 Pisa.DSCF6069 It was hot there too.DSCF6072 Leaning tower.DSCF6073 More to come.

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