Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Europe, again

So the last place we went in Italy was La Spezia.  I think I had the best time there because we HAD more time, and we went to the beach a couple times.  We also went to church there.  We left to find it an hour early, and still only made it five minutes late, and that was after a VERY nice person led us there.  We knew we would be looking for a building that didn’t look like a church, but we still had a bit of a time until we saw someone riding a scooter in a white shirt and tie and we followed him.  :)  They were very nice but it was hot as they didn’t air condition the building.

Italy is just a really cool-looking place all around anyway.  I love all the bright yellow and orange houses and buildings.



  Beach pictures (careful, try not to look too hard- people don’t find always find swimwear necessary).  It was Brett’s first time in the ocean.  It was salty.  I know that everyone says the ocean is salty, but they’re not kidding! 

DSCF6096 DSCF6097 DSCF6101 DSCF6102 DSCF6104 DSCF6106   DSCF6115 DSCF6117 Brett and I like to smooch in the ocean in Italy in the sunset.  (But we like to smooch most anywhere, so…)DSCF6119 DSCF6121 Talmage LOVED the water.DSCF6122 DSCF6123 DSCF6124 See?  Pure excitement.  :) DSCF6126 DSCF6130 DSCF6134 DSCF6137 DSCF6139 DSCF6144 DSCF6145 Blake loves Julia.  Awww.DSCF6146 DSCF6149 Brett is hot- I won’t deny it.DSCF6150 DSCF6152 DSCF6156 DSCF6159 DSCF6160 DSCF6161 See those rocks in the background?  I swam out to them.  It was cool.  I wished that I could take a picture of the beach from there, but I couldn’t really figure out a way to strap my camera on to the top of my head while I swam out.  Nobody was willing to swim with me.  I missed my siblings.DSCF6163 DSCF6164 Eating dinner.  I like American pizza much better than the pizza we had there.  DSCF6167 DSCF6168 DSCF6175 This is what a lot of our trip looked like.  Hot, sweaty, tired kids.  Good times.DSCF6189


Andrea said...

Hello. It all looked cool. And hot. And like I never want to travel ever. Unless it is to Ireland. And then without children. Although your kids are cute. Congrats, Blake and Julia. I played the Cat Came back for my kids and now that is all anyone wants to do. Darn cat. Bye.

Tracy said...

Just awesomeness. And Brett has never been to the beach?! What?! crazy.

I'm just home from volleyball. I miss you!

Erin said...

hello! i loved receiving your sweet message on my blog, moda eagleman - thank you! i, too, enjoyed perusing your blog. i just love to hear others enjoying switzerland as much as my husband and i do. you have a beauuuutiful family and i would definitely be up for snapping some shots of you all! i don't see a way to contact you through your blog - other than a comment, so here's my email. erineagleman@yahoo.com take care!

Amanda said...

I'm a fan of Talmages swim suit. Too cute.

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