Monday, June 21, 2010

Pajamas, pool, and other stuff.

Talmage loves to be read to.  Just this morning he came into my room before 7:00 and yelled “Mama!” and handed me two books, snuggled into my side, and waited for me to begin.  He’ll also look at books on his own too.DSCF5291 DSCF5293 Talmage in his new pajamas.DSCF5294 A foggy morning.DSCF5301 Playing together in the laundry basket/box.DSCF5302 Talmage sometimes turns the knobs of the stove.  One day I started smelling smoke, and went in to find our cutting board looking like this.  All I could think was that I was very happy it was our wooden cutting board and not plastic.DSCF5304 This is probably the best toy in the world.  Talmage LOOOOVES playing with the marbles.  I love that I got it at the second-hand kids store for 10 franks, including the bag of marbles.DSCF5307 One day when it was pretty warm, a neighbor had set up some pools for her kids.  Ethne went and invited herself in (yes, she took off out of our apartment without asking me, with her swimming suit in hand and ran over and got in).  Then all the kids wanted some of the fun.DSCF5309 DSCF5312 Talmage LOOOOVED it.  HE screamed and screamed when I took him home. DSCF5317 DSCF5325 DSCF5326 DSCF5328 Jethro (who decided not to get his swim trunks on) and Hazel got in a water fight. DSCF5338 DSCF5339 DSCF5340 DSCF5343 He got pretty wet.DSCF5344

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Amanda said...

Are your kids picking up the German pretty well? I was just telling my in-laws about Jethro missing his bus stop. I want to move to Switzerland...

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