Tuesday, June 29, 2010


This is the last catch-up post from when I was doing the horse posts, so it was from early in the month.  One Sunday we decided to drive to a mountain called Gurnigel.  It was actually sunny when we started driving but got cloudier and cloudier as we got closer to the mountain.

DSCF5367 DSCF5368  DSCF5371 DSCF5374 When we arrived all the kids had fallen asleep except Jethro, so we got out but just walked around the little parking area a bit and took in the view.  After a while Hazel woke up too.  But it was actually pretty cold, so she and I decided to wait in the van and Brett and Jethro went up a trail to a higher point of the mountain.DSCF5376    DSCF5390

When they had gotten to the very top, it started raining.  Not just a little, but a total downpour.  Hazel and I watched their tiny figures run all the way back down the trail.  It even started hailing on them.  They thought it was pretty cool.DSCF5378




Christine Merrill said...

Wow, great pictures. And sorry about the soccer game on Saturday - we watched it too, it was sad :(

Andrea said...

I was feeling a little bit sorry for you after hearing you weren't having much summer weather there...but then when I saw these mountain pics I no longer felt sorry for you. That AND a guy in our ward just returned from Switzerland where he was doing an internship and brought us home chocolate since we watched their garden and house and when I bit into that chocolate I didn't feel sorry for you either. JK. There are pros and cons to living anywhere, eh??? We miss you guys!!!

Christal said...

these pictures are stunning I LOVE the last one!! breathtaking!!!!

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