Sunday, June 6, 2010

News of the hour.

There are a few more things I was meaning to post about.  Let’s see how many I can remember.

1.  Tonight at dinner we started talking about how Brett and I met, for some reason.  Hazel was entranced, and anytime we veered off topic, she’d say, “Okay, now back to the story.”  She kept us going all the way to when we got married and she had to finish it off with, “And I know the song your mom sang at your wedding.”  I had to promise to sing “Edelweiss” for her wedding as that is her favorite song currently.

2.  Then later, when I was getting Talmage in his pajamas she came in and was asking a few more things and she said, “You had to get married, didn’t you?  Cause you kissed, with your lips.”  (Brett had mentioned that we kissed.)  Hilarious.

3.  Jethro’s latest obsession is origami—airplanes, mostly, but also boats, animals, etc.  He got a magazine from the school library and looked up a website about this super origami guy and I had to give him his own bookmarks folder because of all the instructions he has saved (which I didn’t even know he knew how to do).  For example, this bat flyer that he and Brett were really impressed with.

4.  The other day I started telling Brett about a disturbing dream I had had (this is not unusual as my family can attest to), and I said, “So, I was alone and depressed because you had left me for some other woman,” and he cut in and said, “Was she pretty?”  It didn’t make me like him very much. 

5.  We had a beautiful and very fun Saturday of which I will have to upload pictures from sometime, but not right now.

6.  Also, I have been gathering more stuff for the Long Awaited Wonderful Post (no, it was not actually the one with hot pictures of Brett, though that was of course wonderful too), but I’m afraid now I have SO much stuff that I’m having a hard time knowing how to put it all together.

7.  So the other day I was reading a friend’s blog and she talked about the loveliness of being a stay-at-home mom because “I can spend two hours at the library with the kids, check out 50 books, promise to spend the entire afternoon doing nothing but reading stories, and know that's 100% possible.”  And it made me very, very sad, because I loved doing that.  When I lived in the States which had free libraries which had many many books in ENGLISH. 

And I did bring a handful of books with us, and also my lovely dear dear husband’s-cousin’s-wife Allison brought us some more, but STILL – when one of your top favorite things to do with your kids is reading books, it’s just not the same to read the same 10 books over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and… yes, that is what it’s like.  Much as I love Oliver Pig and The Pout-Pout Fish and The Mitten and Mother Goose’s Nursery Rhymes, it was time for something new.   So I scoured my best English-speaking friend here in CH, namely, the internet, and found the GREATEST printable books site.  It has a huge collection of really fantastic books, and so I’m afraid the ink in my printer may not last too long, because we’ve been printing Grimm’s fairy tales, Indian books, books with Weird Animal Facts, and more.  The site is  The only thing is, I can’t really think of a reason you would need to print your own books unless you were in a situation like mine.  I guess maybe if you wanted to take some on a trip without worrying about getting them back to the library.  But anyway, there you go.  Check it out.  It’s awesome.

8.  Tonight Brett heard a cow mooing in what seemed to be distress, so I looked out the window, and there were two boys standing by a cow that was lying in the field.  The cow had an extra leg coming out of it, so I assumed it was having a baby.  We all went out on the porch and watched it being born and the mother licking it and then the farmer and his family (who came to assist and watch) take it away in the tractor.  Really, who needs Fair Oaks Dairy when you live next door to one?

8.  It’s late.  I’ve stayed up past my bedtime, so I’m off.


Rachael said...

Sorry my post made you melancholy!! But I'm so glad you found that site--so do you have to pay a fee for all the (German) libraries there? I guess the bright side is that your kids get field trips all over Switzerland in lieu of some of the storytime...but I know I would be going through some serious story withdrawal.

So every time I read a good YA novel I think, "Hmm, wonder if Kayli's read this?" I need to start writing them down so I can ask you...

Tiffany Alldredge Smith said...

You could try Tumblebooks too. You can access them through the Mesa Public Library site here:
your kids can watch them or there are one you can read to them. Hope that helps save you some ink.

Andrea said...

I keep meaning to tell you that I met Brett's cousin (Ben?) long ago. He was in my parent's ward just after I got home from my mission as he was living at Badger Creek (BYU-I's outdoor center near my parents' home). Anyway, my dad thought he was the greatest and kept introducing me to him. I ran into him at church a few months ago and we made the connection and then I realized he was Brett's cousin as I had met his wife at the church when they moved here and she said they were in your old house. Anyway, it's a small world!

Sounds like you're having lots of fun adventures!

Lynn said...

Corey loves origami too! Our sons should swap some sites. I guess it can be addicting. ; D

Tracy said...

Its nice to know that I am missed! I've been visiting my families out West, so that is why the blog has been ignored. We drive back home this Thursday, and then I will have much to blog about. I'm just not good at doing it while I'm not at home.

That is too cute about what Hazel said about you getting married!

Anonymous said...

Ever think about getting a e-reader??

Marinda said...

So I was curious about a comment you made on Missy Ames' blog and clicked on your link. Now I wish I knew you because I have tons of questions for you. My husband is finishing up a Ph.D. in Bremen, Germany and we're thinking about doing a postdoc. Bern is high on our list, as well as several other cities in your region. Would you be willing to let me send you tons of questions about your experience? It would really be helpful.

I don't think I know you, but you do look really familiar. Did you go to USU? Were you on PLC? Are you related to Amber Fetters? Oddly enough a few months back Amy Blake sent me the link to her pictures of you and your husband because we were thinking about having Amy take our pics at the same barn! Small world! My e-mail is

baresytapas said...

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