Friday, June 18, 2010

Horses- Final Installment

It’s so great to have such amazing forebears. However, it can sometimes create a bit of pressure. I mean, look at the picture of my dad below. Incredibly awesome!! How can we ever hope to be anywhere near as cool as that? I ask you.jack71I don’t know that we can, but my cousin Michael sure tries. (I stole these pictures from someone’s facebook account, I had no permission, but really, how could I not use them?)

buckinmike His form is not perfect, but he’s still doing great!mikealmostrecovered

Uhhhh, going…goingoing,



My cousin’s son Logan. That’s not the right way to sit Logan!logantriesOooh--ouch! Aiiiiii.ends

Jolly good show!! I’m MUCHISIMO impressed with their pluck!! Five stars!!

But then… well then there’s Wyatt.wyattonhorse

Oh Wyatt.fallin

Ooooooh, Wyatt.wyattfallingoffKeep trying, Wy. Some day you’ll be half the man your mother is.

P.S. And that’s the end. Let me know what you thought! Tell me your own horse story, or which one was your favorite.


Tracy said...

I don't think I could relate to you enough how jealous I am that you got to grow up with horses. I always loved horses from a young age and begged my parents for one-- though there was no way they could afford one or have a place to keep one. My mother had one as a girl, and I think she was the one that instilled in me the excitement of having a horse of my own would be.

I've only ridden a handful of times in my life, really ridden, you know, beyond those boring trail rides you pay to go one where the horses just line up nose to butt and plod along. I've ridden in Hawaii and Australia, but my favorite times were in Idaho on a ranch where they would let us run the horses, and then once with a high school friend who owned horses of her own and she took me out riding-- that was the best time of all.

I still dream of possibly having my own horses some day, but as much as I still love their beauty and majesty, for some reason I have also developed a slight fear of their strength and size. I'll have to get over that for sure! Dustin worries about their expense as well. How did your parents afford them?

I also love the Arabian breed. You said you don't care much for the Palamino, but I always thought they were really pretty-- like looking at a wild daisy flower. But I also love the Bay too.

Thanks for all your wonderful stories, they have been a wonderful read, and the pictures have been fun too!

Kristi said...

I just asked Cory how come his parents have never had horses when both grandparents totally did. sheesh. I never had a chance. - I totally think we need to go to your parents place and let my kids have a horse experience!

Anonymous said...

Good Job Kayli!!! You do my heart good. Love you and miss you. Mom

Andrea said...

Um, my favorite story is when I almost died. Duh. Wyatt falling off a toy horse was a close second.

Kami said...

Kayli you're amazing!! Thanks for putting together all those pictures and stories--it really was a fun read. I loved the pictures you put up of mom and dad. Sweet!

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