Sunday, June 20, 2010

Cutest boy IN THE WORLD.

  So I have several things to catch up on after all the horse stuff, but before anything else, I must post these.  Because when you have the cutest boy in the entire world living in your house, you must take a million pictures and then post those million pictures for everyone to see.DSCF5401  Oh, my heart convulses when I see this grin.  Awwwwwwww.DSCF5404  Serious.DSCF5409Not for long.DSCF5407 He just saw something out the window.  A cow probably.  Or horse.  He loves that we have horses and cows to look at every day out our window.  His only two words besides ‘mama’ and ‘dadda’ are ‘neigh’ and ‘moo.’  I love looking at his sweet little lips.  I could just kiss them off his face.DSCF5411 DSCF5413 He looks happy, and he is, but don’t think that’s he’s never ornery.  He does a VERRRY good ornery face when he is told no.  Usually it’s also accompanied with laying his head back and closing his eyes, or just sprawling on the floor like he’s dead.  Soooooooo funny.  I mean not.  Yet, it is.  Pretty much you have to try REALLY hard not to laugh.DSCF5419   There it is.  Ha ha ha!!!  He hasn’t gotten annoyed to the point of closing his eyes yet though.  I forgot, he does have another word.  It is ‘uh-uh.’  As in no.  He says it to everything we say.  Durn contrary kid.DSCF5424  Happy again.  :)DSCF5427Oh the cuteness!!DSCF5421Adorable!DSCF5422

Aaaaahhhhh!!!   I LOVE HIM!!!!!DSCF5426


Charlotte said...

He is really stinkin' adorable. What a lucky mommy you are to have three others that match that cuteness. :)

Christal said...

He really is the cutest kid!!!! Love the horse posts! and whoa to the cutting board! kind of scary but I can see how your glad it wasn't plastic!!

JEM said...

Yes, I think you might be right. That is one adorable little guy.

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