Wednesday, June 23, 2010


So on a Saturday early in the month, we went to Ballenberg- a Swiss open-air museum.  The website says: Ballenberg – Switzerland as it used to be. More than one hundred century-old buildings from all over Switzerland, 250 farmyard animals, traditional, old-time gardens and fields, demonstrations of local crafts and many special events create a vivid impression of rural life in days gone by. Ballenberg is indeed unique.

Basically, I thought of it as a really really huge Nauvoo, without the church influences.  :)   We had a wonderful wonderful time.  We brought wurstli and grilled it for lunch (because that’s what you do in Switzerland) and played by the creek for a while, and petted some goats, and saw a ton of old houses and other cool stuff.  It was a really beautiful, warm day.  So.  Here are some pictures.

DSCF5169 DSCF5175 DSCF5176 It smelled really good in the bakery.DSCF5177 DSCF5178  DSCF5190DSCF5194

I really love old-fashioned kitchens.  I think they’re so beautiful.  DSCF5185 DSCF5216  DSCF5223      DSCF5248   DSCF5254

     And I want a table like this one:DSCF5264







The guy doing wood-carvings was AMAZING.  And I loved looking at all the cool things carved of wood, but unfortunately they have QUITE the hefty pricetags.DSCF5249






DSCF5256 DSCF5265 The kids loved watching the potter make cups on his wheel.  They thought it was so amazing.DSCF5273 DSCF5274 DSCF5275 DSCF5284


Kris said...

Cool! I love visiting places like that. That last house is beautiful. It does remind me of Nauvoo, with a Swiss influence. :)

JEM said...

How fun! I love the buildings, they look so sweet and cozy. Were your kids able to pet the animals?

Kristi said...

very cool! (I love that carved nativity! so pretty)

Tracy said...

Pretty amazing! That last house looks like a music box house my grandma puts out at Christmastime. And I love that table too! And I think Swiss Cows are cute--thought that one is a bull and he's huge!

Lynn said...

I was going to say the same as Kristi - That would of been perfect to add to my collection. And the same as Tracy - That last house looks like my grandpa and grandma music box. They got a lot of stuff from Germany at Christmas time from our relatives there. As you know, Grandpa Boehme is German.

nicole said...

I want that table too. I love the picture of the steer, I want to sit at that table with the cloth and the flowers, and I want to come visit!

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