Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Happy Canada Day!

Happy Canada Day!  

I thought I would list just a few of the things I love about Canada.

1. It’s where I’m from.

2. Fries and gravy.

image 3.  Mr. Bigs, Coffee Crisps, Aeros, and Old Dutch Popcorn Twists.

image image image

image 4.  It’s Beautiful.image5.  The air smells better there.  (Okay, this may just possibly be just my own opinion, but I always have thought that as soon as we crossed the border the air tasted bigger, wilder, fresher, and better.) image 5.  It has the best national anthem.

Proud to be Canadian.image

p.s. I just asked Brett what he loves about Canada and he said “You.”  Awwww.


Gigi said...

Brett's a pretty smart guy! I love Canada because my mom was born there - and you're right it is beeautiful!

Kristi said...

oh, waterton is on my to do list this summer! I love it there! yay for Canada!

Lindsay Ann Rasmussen said...

way to make me want fries and gravy now!! ;)

Anonymous said...

The first pic of Canada shows the narrows between Upper and Lower Waterton lake (its at the top of the pic just above and to the left of the Prince of Whales Hotel) That's where we swam our horses across if you remember the story. Also, for your planning pleasure our conference in Norway is May 16-20. I expect to grill some of those brats that you have been bragging about!


Anonymous said...

OOPS! should be Prince of Wales although he may have also have been the Prince of Whales (Canadian Whales of course!) FOG

Marisa May said...

My mom is a Canadian! I will eat some of that yummy stuff for you when I'm there at the end of July.

Christal said...

What a great post I love all the pictures!! Since its pretty much where we are all from! Love bretts favorite thing he is so sweet aww!! ha ha! Hope all is good I love reading your adventures!!

jessica said...

YAH canada!!
I didn't realize poutine was a Canadian thing until just a few years ago. And you can get such better candy/chocolate bars here!!

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