Saturday, June 26, 2010


These pictures are from earlier in the month when we had a Brätele with some of our friends.  That means a cook-out, but really it means sausages.  They don’t do weiner roasts here, oh no, it’s Wursts all the way.  They have these all the time.  If you go to a park or  the zoo or anything, there are always fire-pits available for a Brätele.  I think one of the most popular sausages for roasting is called the Cervalet.  This is the traditional way to do them:

image Here’s Hazel and her friend Dinah roasting:DSCF5348 And some friends and Jethro:DSCF5349 Freunde.DSCF5352 Mmmmm, sausage.DSCF5353 DSCF5354 Mmmm, sausage.DSCF5359 DSCF5360 Mmmm, sausage.DSCF5361 Mmmm, sausage.DSCF5363 Hazel climbed a tree.DSCF5365 Noe und Jethro.DSCF5366And here’s a little coloring page if you feel the need for more good times bräteln.  (Here’s a link.)image We had a fun evening, and didn’t get rained on, even though I thought for sure we would.

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Lindsay Ann Rasmussen said...

Those sausages are a lot bigger than I first pictured! Oh and thanks for the colouring page! My kids have wanted to colour it ever since they saw it!

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