Tuesday, August 21, 2007

What cute girls I have

You have to have good brushing habits

if you want a great smile like mine!

So the other day we were on a walk and Hazel said to me, "Day soy do dot a deen doy." Which, being interpreted, is of course, "They sure do got a green door." :) Ha ha, and it's even more funny in real life.

Ethne had a check-up the other day, and guess what percentile she was in for weight? 3.9 something. Not even 4%. Crazy teeny girl. Today she decided to become a teeny girl of mass destruction so she crawled all over the place finding all the drawers at her level and emtpying them of their contents. So, if you come over and there is stuff all over the place, I can honestly blame it all on her. Okay, not honestly, but I can definitely dishonestly blame it all on her.


Kami said...

Those are soooooo, soooooo CUTE pictures!!

Amy said...

They definatley are cute!! I laughed about the green door... I'm always pretty easily amused by cute things kids say, though :)

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