Thursday, August 30, 2007

Gorgeous weather today!

Yes, they all have tights on their heads. Hazel did it by herself, but I thought it was hilarious so I grabbed some for the other kids.

Here is our crazy cantaloupe growing through the fence. Couldn't choose one side or the other, so it had to squish itself in the middle. Pretty sweet, eh? Not quite as cool as say, a two-headed cow, but pretty cool nonetheless.
Ethne was being ADORABLY funny tonight. She was a little overtired, so was hitting that delirious stage. Anyway, I was laying on the floor and she was laying on my tummy, and I opened my mouth really wide (initially to yawn, I believe) so she opened her mouth really wide and then gave me a big open-mouthed kiss!!! (yeah, I taught her everything I know. just kidding!) Anyway, then everybody laughed so hard, and she thought that was pretty cool, so she laughed and then did it again and again. Hee hee what a CUTIE sweethead.

And because Kami posted baby pictures of Leo and herself and it was so much fun, I will post some of me and Brett. So, does Ethne look like me?

Yes, Brett and I both have 'wearing Daddy's boots' pictures. We were totally meant for each other. (Brett's the one on the right. He's with his older brother Bryan.)

Brett with his lamb, Pokeeno (which I think sprang from Pinocchio).


Kami said...

Thanks for posting the baby picture, and I think Ethne does look like you.

Amy said...

She definately looks like you! Cute girl!!

marenmadsen said...

Love the cantaloupe - are you going to try to get it out?

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