Monday, August 13, 2007

One of those crazy days.

When Hazel was a baby all of my family said she looked like an elf, because she had kindof pointy ears. I pretty much agree. If they ever make a sequel to Lord of the Rings movies---she's totally Aragorn's and Liv Tyler's little girl, don't ya think? At least, with this hat on, her ears certainly do seem to stick out a bit.

I LOVE*** this one.

And here's Ethne, looking so cute in her hat.

But not for long... must...get!!


And this is how pictures always end up when I try to get one with all three of my hooligans.
So, today was a day where everything that happened was out-of-control, but there was always a "well at least this didn't happen" to go with it. First, I decided to take the kids to Wildcat Creek to swim and eat their kids meal from Chik-fil-A that they got from the library's summer reading program. So we got there, and I realized that I hadn't worn my swimming suit. (I had definitely intended to swim, so I really don't know how I forgot that one. But when you're trying to remember all the kids' stuff and get out the know.) So, I ended up going in in my clothes. I wasn't concerned about that, but then when we were packing up to go home, I remembered that my wallet had been in my pocket. I checked and it was still there, but very wet, but that's okay. So, I set it on top of the car while I put Ethne in her carseat, went around to buckle Hazel, and YEAH YOU GUESSED IT....left the wallet on top of the car. When I got home, I saw wallet, sitting on top of the car. Still there, still containing my driver's license, because that was in the pocket. All of the rest of my cards were gone. I drove back and searched, but didn't find anything. So I had to call of the places and cancel cards. Not fun. But at least I didn't lose my driver's license.
So that was the main thing, but then I got home, and was trying to get the kids bathed and myself showered and dinner started (after calling all of the places about cards) so Hazel was in the tub while I was putting some gel in my hair and quickly rubbing it around a bit trying to quickly make it acceptable (very quickly, I have a quick hair-do which I appreciate). Then Hazel had to go potty, so I pulled her out, sat her on the toilet, wiped her bum, put her back in the tub, washed my hands, and went to stick a bobby pin in my hair, WHEN I REALIZED that Ethne is standing up next to the toilet, reaching in, and pulling out....a big piece of poo!!!!! EWWWWWWWW!!!! I screamed, "ETHNE!!" and she looked up at me, like what's the big deal mom? (Or 'what's all the commotion?' as Jethro would say.) YUCK!!! But, AT LEAST she didn't eat it, right? (okay, I know I have to take a little responsibility for this, since I'm the one who didn't flush, nor did I put the lid down. I can only blame the rush, and Ethne's never got into the toilet water before.)
And then I realized that while I was cleaning this up, some water had been boiling on the stove for quite some time. But at least, there was nothing burning.
And that was my day, but at least it's almost over. (Actually, it was an okay day, just a hectic hour or so there in the middle.)


marenmadsen said...

It's good to know that other moms have crazy days like that. The poo thing was funny. When I was potty training Spencer he pooped in the tub and I didn't even realize it until he had been in there a long time (and I'm sure the poop had been in there a long time, too). Plus, he had been putting water in his mouth and spitting it out. GROSS! But at least Josh wasn't in the tub with him that time... :)

Heather S. said...

Oh my, sounds like my day yesterday, but all my traumas included the keys to my car.

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