Sunday, August 12, 2007

Jethro loves me.

yloYesterday Brett and I went out to see a movie cause Brett's in love with the Bourne movies and because we had a free ticket for Brett donating blood a while back. (We saved it for when Bourne Ultimatum came out.) So anyway, we had a babysitter come to watch our chillins, and we were chatting with her when we got home. I mentioned to her that Jethro's thing, of late, is that everything has to be the "---est in the whole wide world" the coolest, or best, or fastest in whole wide world etc. And she said, "That reminds me. I called Hazel 'Miss Hazel' once, and she said "I'm not Miss Hazel, I'm just Hazel," and so I explained that you call someone Miss if they're a girl. So I could call Ethne Miss Ethne, or your mom Miss Kayli. And Jethro said, "No, you have to say she's the most beautiful girl in the whole wide world." Awwwwww! I love you Jethro!! All is forgiven that you also told her that you don't wear diapers to bed (sneaky little guy!). It was funny.

Ethne is soo cute and funny these days. She's got no meat on her...she's just a light little beanpole, and when we were in Utah Brett's brother started calling her 'Little Birdie.' So here's a picture of the little birdie flying today.

Last week we canned some tomatoes from our garden and ate a cantaloupe from our garden! It was very exciting. For a little while Brett wouldn't believe me that it was from our garden. I don't know why---I NEVER make things up. And I don't ever cheat when I play games, but he always accuses me of it. Rudie. (well, I pretty much never cheat.)

P.S. Bourne Ultimatum was very enjoyable. Not very much storyline, not much dialogue, but definitely some good Bourne action.

P.S.S. Oh yeah!! Go look here and here---I'm famous!!

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Kristi said...

oh man, those are cute pictures. I wanted to have a shoot done with my sisters before Shelley goes back, but I am not sure if it will happen- she leaves on Thursday, but seeing your pictures makes me want to set one up!

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