Monday, August 20, 2007

Lighter Fluid

I have the privilege of being friends with a fantastic gal named Nicole. I am even lucky enough to have her as my visiting teacher. She is very kind and once came over in the middle of the night to watch my kids so that I could go to the hospital to have another kid. She once helped me get started painting my kitchen cupboards---who knows if I ever would have begun otherwise?

Sadly, I have just lately come to realize that she may be, well, a little......soft in the head. You see, we lent her our can of lighter fluid not thinking much of it. She used it and didn't get a chance to return it to us right away. No problem--we weren't in need of it. It continued to bother her, and soon every time she saw me her face would contort in shame and anxiety and she would say "I promise I will get your can of lighter fluid to you soon!" I tried to reassure her, but it was no use. I still did not fully realize the extent of her angst until I received this e-mail from her.

Sorry to keep your can of lighter fluid for so long. Although, I think it's been enjoying itself here as evidenced by the candid pictures. "

It is no wonder this whole incident caused her such distress..... and here I thought people that treat their pets like children are weird. But at least our can of lighter fluid knows how to accessorize.


Kami said...

That is AMAZING!! I can't really say more because I'm at a loss for words.

Lindsay Rasmussen said...

HaAHAAAHAA. I like it.

Rachael said...

oh wow. these are great.

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