Thursday, August 30, 2007

Singing in the Rain (again)

Isn't it cool that you can see their reflections in the puddle?

It looks like she's saying, "Show me just what to do, Jethro."

So, what's going on at our house? Ethne's top tooth came through. I'm getting used to saying "We have to get to bed, it's a school night." I signed Jethro up for swimming lessons, and that night he was saying the blessing on the food and he said, "Please help me not to drown in the pool. And please help me to learn how to swim this time in swimming lessons...." Pretty funny. We played in the rain last night. It was pretty cool because it was still sunny but it was raining---first it was POURING. Good times.

Oh yeah--must tell you how proud I am. I have been meaning to make a weekly menu and a grocery list for that menu so that I only have to go to the grocery store one time pretty much since......I got married. But then, even more when I had Ethne. I thought, I have three kids now, I really need to be organized. But I never have. So I'm always having to run really quickly to the store for the one thing I forgot. Anyway, I FINALLY made menus, and a shopping list EVEN ordered in sections of the store so that I don't have to circle the store twenty times. When Brett got home I was very excited to tell him. When I told him that I made menus he was impressed, but when I told him that I made the shopping list all organized like that he put his hand on my forehead and said, "Are you feeling all right?" ha ha. Anyway, yay for me. I was so on top of things in school....why didn't it transfer to running a house? hmm.

Here's a little tag thingee I thought I would do and pass along for anyone else to do.
Jobs I've held...babysitter, vegetable farm worker, Dairy Queen worker, telemarketer, phonathon caller, cheese factory worker (that was only for a few days), receptionist for Early Head Start, secretary for a transcription company, teaching assistant for a speech pathology class, mom

Movies I can watch over and over... Willow, Wild Hearts Can't Be Broken, Two Weeks Notice

My guilty pleasures... reading, sleeping in, eating lots of chocolate and icecream (although I don't feel very guilty about that)

Places I've Lived...Cardston, Leavitt (both in Alberta), Provo, Kentucky, Layton, Willard, Ogden, Des Lacs and Minot North Dakota, Logan, West Lafayette and Lafayette Indiana

Shows I enjoy... the Cosby Show

What were the first things you thought of when you saw your significant other for the first time?... hmm, I thought he was boring. I asked Brett this question and he said, "She's cute, too bad she's weird." ha ha ha. Yeah, who's weirder--the weird one, or the one who married the weird one???

Places I've been on vacation... California, Canada, Utah
Favorite Foods... icecream, chocolate, bacon and tomato sandwiches, corn on the cob, gyros, pizza, fudge

Websites I visit daily... yahoo mail,, blogs

Body parts I have injured... hmm, I've had stitches before and black eyes. I once bit my tongue all the way through. It was my dad's fault, he hit me with his elbow, but it was an accident. The next day when I talked I sounded like I was retarded. Very funny. But I got to eat milkshakes for breakfast, lunch and dinner--woohoo!

Awards I have won... I won second in a county spelling bee in grade 8. A University Club Scholarship at USU. That was definitely cool--since I didn't have to pay for school, they paid me. Which I was excited about when they called me and told me when I was in highschool, but I didn't get just HOW cool it was until I was in school, married and had a baby. A Stucki Scholarship (except no money with that one, as they were out of funding that year. What a rip off.) Scholar of the Year in the Communicative Disorder department.

Nicknames I've been called... Kate, Kate the Great, Oh Divine Goddess of Coolness (just kidding, I made that one up)
And now if anyone is still reading, here's something I've noticed lately. There are a LOT of band names with a number in it. For example:
Maroon 5
10,000 Maniacs
Vega 4 (who sing my current FAVORITE song--Life is Beautiful---go listen!)
Eve 6
3 Doors Down
Sixpence None the Richer
Five for Fighting
Blink 182
Matchbox 20
Nine-inch nails
Finger 11
3 Dog Night
Ben Folds 5
I thought of several of these, but then I looked it up and there were lists online with even more. I just picked the ones that I had heard of.
And then there are color bands:
Blue October
Red Jumpsuit Apparatus
Red Hot Chili Peppers
Plain White T's
Green Day
Maroon 5
Pink Floyd
So, it seems if you want your band to really be a hit, you should try to come up with a name that has a number or color in it. I guess Maroon 5 wins, cause it has both.


stevenandkatrina said...

Those pictures are so cute Kayli. Good job! I was going to tell you that I tried keeping the cake in the pan but after the coconut topping, it was already almost overflowing so I knew that the chocolate wouldn't fit so I thought I would try taking it out and you know what happened from there.......disaster. Thanks for the reciepe though- it was yummy.

Amy said...

That top picture rocks!! That's a framer for sure. I'm also extremely impressed with your menu/shopping organization... I too, have been meaning to do that since I got married over 4 years ago. Maybe you'll inspire me.

Katrina said...

I love these pictures of your kids in the rain! So darling. You captured the moment beautifully!

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