Tuesday, August 21, 2007


It's true. Jethro went to his first day of kindergarten yesterday. What a huge thing. For me and him. Sorta makes me wonder why I had kids so fast---then they just are grown up faster. ;) Actually, I took him to meet his teacher last Tuesday and she did a little testing and being in the classroom made me really excited for him to have a fun time. He says that he is going to kindergarten because he'll learn things that we (me and Brett) don't know.

Anyway, we started out the day with a crepe in the shape of a K (for kindergarten) with icecream and chocolate sauce on it. Then Brett walked him to school. He looked so big. Sniff.

When I first picked him up from school, he said he had a good day but didn't seem really excited, but then when he called Brett to tell him about it, he was much more enthusiastic.

It also came up at dinner time (I don't remember why) that he told his teacher that she shouldn't drink coffee. And he said that she told him she doesn't drink too much, just a little. So he was really confused and said, "So can you drink a little bit, or not?" Funny guy. So we had to explain about not everybody knowing that it's bad, etc.

Here is a picture he drew for me today. I had him explain. It is a picture of a princess in the water being chased by a shark (which there was no available room for on the paper) and the prince coming to save her with his sword, on his horse--a horse with nostrils (yes, he pointed them out) and reins, and the sky and the sun and it's raining. What a fabulous job.


Andrea said...

I can't believe Jethro is in Kindergarten. Can you believe you have a kid who goes to school!?! It sounds like he is ready. Loved the coffee story and his amazing picture.

Ginger said...

Yeah for Jethro!!!!!!! He does look old...especially in those nice clothes and his hair done! How great.

Kami said...

I love that picture!! Kayli, keep it forever. Really, seriously, if you don't want it, I'll keep it. Weird as it is, I have some of Olivia's and Megan's. They make me laugh so hard everytime I see them (which isn't often). I also have some of Wyatt's, Lindsay's, and Ethan's when they were little. Anyway, the picture rocked.

Rachael said...

this was such a cute post. and a crepe in the shape of a K? i am super impressed with your mommy fabulousness!

Kris said...

So fun! Is he in a.m. or p.m. kindergarten? Just wondering because ice cream for breakfast would be an extra incredible treat! The coffee story sounds like something Tyler would do! Such innocence! Tyler didn't tell me a whole lot either but when Kent asked him about his day he could have talked forever! It must be a daddy-son bond thing or something! :)

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