Thursday, August 9, 2007


I'm apparently unable to be a go-on-my-owner when it comes to having a child. All three of my kids are within a month (give or take a week) of two cousins. So it's pretty fun when they get together to play, and it's pretty fun for me to pose them for pictures!

In the green we have Kiersten, Brynne, Hazel, and Maloree.
And here's Brynne, Maloree, and Hazel as newborns, just-1-year-olds, and now at 3.

Jethro, Conner, and Bode at about 1 and 5.

Jethro and Lynnaea with my mom when they were about a year, and now at 5.
And the newbies--Elena, Ethne, and Emeline. Aren't they ADORABLE?


Amy said...

How fun is that for all your kids to have cousings so close in age?? Fun pictures!

Kami said...

Kayli, I love all your pictures of the cousins together. Gosh I should call up Devonee to have her take a photo with me. Hee. HEe. It's funny to see how big Kirstin is and to see how tan Brynn is in comparison with the other kids. You need to email me a copy of the one with Elena.

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