Saturday, March 31, 2012

Orrin pictures.

What is the secret to happiness?  Nutella.

IMGP1847 IMGP1854

IMGP1855 IMGP1858

See?  It works for Orrin just like it worked for Talmage two years ago.

image  image

Here are some more pictures of my cute baby who is growing so fast.

IMGP1865 IMGP1871 IMGP1901

IMGP1911 IMGP1918

He likes to stand on the deck and look out at the horses and cows.  (And dig in the dirt in the flower planter.)

IMGP1922 IMGP1923 IMGP1924

And to remind myself that he is still a baby for a little while longer

IMGP1840 IMGP1842


Amanda said...

I admire that you do so well at taking pictures of your kids. You inspire me to do better. Other great Josh Ritter songs-Folk bloodbath, Bright smiles, Long shadows, Wolves, Kathleen, Girl in the war (I think there is a bad word in this song it's just damn but I have to skip it when the kids are around), Lillian Egypt, Thin blue flame, (OK, this is getting ridiculous. they are all awesome. You should just download all of them from legal sounds it's only .09 cents per song - I sound like an advertisement. sorry)

Dru Davis said...

Cutest pictures ever.

Alissa said...

He is an absolute dollface.

Kris said...

He is adorable! I think he looks a lot like Hazel. I love the ones of him sleeping.

emily ballard said...

Cute. Have you tried the Nutella fruit dip from Pinterest? 1/2 cup Nutella + 1 cup plain, nonfat Greek yogurt. Sooooo good!

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