Sunday, March 18, 2012

To wrap this up.

So after we finished the horse trek we got dropped off back in Essaouira.  We had a little time before we had to get on the bus to Marrakech, which was really good because Brett had finished reading the book that I had traded him because I had finished it, so I needed a book.  (What was I thinking not bringing more than one?)  And near our hotel was a tiny little bookshop so we went there and I looked through all these dirty grimy old books and paid too much money for one that ended up being pretty lame and soap-opera-ish, but at least I had something to read on the bus and plane.  (And the really sad thing was that our hotel had a small but better selection of books that I could have traded my other book with, but we lost it we think on the bus.) 

IMGP1323 IMGP1325

And we saw a cat with brand new kitties.


So we got to Marrakech when it was late and already dark and so we just got a cab to take us to our riad and OH MY GOSH it was the craziest drive.  He was driving in the walled old town where the streets are seriously sooooo narrow and there are a million people on them and bikers and scooter riders and donkeys and what not, and he just zipped through.  He had a bit of a hard time finding it but we got there and it was the nicest hotel we stayed at, and it was less than half the price of some of the freezing cold places we stayed.




I think you can actually get in this little pool.  But we didn’t.  We were beat.

IMGP1341 IMGP1347


So the next morning we had breakfast and then walked to the bus stop and went to the airport and flew home.

IMGP1362 IMGP1368 IMGP1370



It was pretty crazy to see these really busy streets and coming along would be a mule pulling a cart in between cars and motorcycles.


And that is how you spell KFC in Arabic.

IMGP1386 IMGP1406

And that is how you spell McDonald’s.


We were really sad we didn’t have one day for Marrakech- we would have loved to see the square where there are supposedly lots of performers and snake charmers and the like.  Oh well.  Here were some more camels right before the airport- I guess just in case you wanted to get in one last ride.

IMGP1420 IMGP1422 IMGP1423 IMGP1427 

Goodbye Morocco!  You were amazing!  We couldn’t have had a better time on our honeymoon!


Dru Davis said...

I have loved reading your blog. You write so well and you make me laugh a lot. We have had such similar moments, it's great to hear your take on things. Also, your pictures are amazing. Can't wait to hear more on Thursday. Thanks.

Missy said...

Hey so a thought occurred to me while reading this... what did you do with your kids while you were gone?
Thanks for letting me live vicariously through you! Morocco has just shot to the top of my to-do list :)

Amanda said...

What an awesome adventure. You guys always have such a great time. I need a vacation.

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